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Safety tips when driving around large trucks

| Mar 27, 2020 | Truck Accidents

If you have to drive near semitrucks and other large vehicles, it can make you feel small, vulnerable and at risk. Your car normally feels comfortable and safe for your family, but you’re very conscious of its small size when you get caught between two semis, and there’s a stoplight coming up. If those drivers make any mistakes and cause accidents, you could be seriously injured.

To prevent that, here are some tips for driving around large trucks:

  • Avoid blind spots. Do not match a truck’s speed on the highway and drive next to it, sitting in the blind spot. Yes, you have a right to that lane, but it also means the driver can’t see you. Speed up, or slow down.
  • Keep your distance. Trucks make wide turns. They also have blind spots in the front and back. Just keep your distance to give both you and the driver more time to react.
  • Remember that trucks take much longer to stop. Don’t cut a truck off, especially as you come up to a stoplight. Never assume the truck can stop as fast as your car.
  • Stay alert. Avoid distractions and become a defensive driver. Have an escape route in mind so that you can react quickly if needed.
  • Remember that trucks have lower speed limits and take longer to speed up. Do not tailgate or drive aggressively when they’re not going as fast as you would like. The driver has no choice in the matter.

These tips help, but you could still get involved in a serious accident and you need to know what legal rights you have.