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Employers can have direct responsibility for certain accidents

| Jun 30, 2020 | Personal Injury

Most of the time, workplace accidents are the result of multiple factors that no one person has control over. One employee may have come to work with a headache, which means they can’t focus. Then another employee makes a mistake while driving a hi-lo, and the combination of those two factors leads to someone getting hurt on the job. 

Workers hurt in this kind of situation will usually be able to seek workers’ compensation benefits. However, there are also situations in which it is obvious that an employer is directly responsible for the injury their workers suffer. When might a company be responsible for a workplace accident?

Employers should maintain safe facilities and equipment

When a company knows that a section of their facility requires repair or a particular piece of machinery has issues with its performance, they should make every reasonable effort to address those issues and ensure that the workplace is safe for their staff. 

Malfunctioning machinery and dangerous facilities are both examples of preventable issues that an employer should address before they cause injury to workers.

Employers should comply with safety and training requirements

A worker gets hurt on the job in the United States every seven seconds, and employers should try to prevent potential injuries. Different industries have different risk factors and require different safety and training for optimal workplace safety. 

Employers who do not provide their staff with the proper safety equipment for training as required by law may also be liable for injuries that their employees suffer on the job. The same is also true for employers who violate the law or require that their employees do so. 

Those who think they may have a claim against their employer may want to discuss the situation in greater detail with someone knowledgeable about workplace accidents and the injuries they cause.