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What are the most common mining accidents?

| Sep 22, 2020 | Oil, Gas & Mining Accidents

Working in a coal mine isn’t anybody’s idea of safe, easy work. Yet, if you live in West Virginia and have a family to feed, the money you can make working in a mine may seem worth the risk. Until something goes wrong and you are killed or left with severe injuries.

These are the reasons behind most mining accidents:

  • Methane and coal dust explosions: These have caused the most devastating accidents in mining history. The two worst accidents each killed over 1,000 people. The methane contained within coal mines can be ignited if proper safety measures are not taken. In turn, these can set off a coal dust explosion with horrendous results. Employers have to ensure all equipment is adequately maintained to avoid malfunctions, which could trigger a blast.
  • Blasting: A lot can go wrong when people are using explosives. If you have ever set off fireworks in your yard, you will know that they can ignite prematurely, or fail to launch only to fire up when you least expect it. The explosives used in mining are far more dangerous. Whether you are hit by flying rocks, surprised by an old charge that did not detonate when it was meant to, crushed under the rubble or caught by toxic fumes, explosives can be lethal.

A mining accident could leave you unable to work and support your family if it does not kill you outright. You may be able to file a personal injury claim if you feel your mining accident was due to your employer’s negligence. Seek legal help to find out more and fight for your rights to compensation.