Workplace Explosions Can Produce Catastrophic Injuries

The mining, oil, and gas industries have some extremely specific dangers for workers. Many of those hazards can be minimized through proper safety procedures, so employers must ensure that they are taking steps to boost worker safety. Explosions are one of the most serious things that can happen when workers are doing their job duties. These can lead to catastrophic injuries or death to these individuals who only want to earn a living.

Explosions at these sites pose unique challenges because they can involve more than just burn injuries. Even when a person suffers only burn injuries, treatment can be difficult because some might be thermal burns while others are chemical burns.

There is also a risk of projectiles causing trauma to the victims, which can add another challenge to getting the patient the treatment they need. Projectiles can cause minor injuries like bruises, but they might also cause amputations, broken bones, and internal injuries.

For some workers who are involved in an explosion, the damage that’s done is to the lungs. This can cause several issues, many of which are fatal. Anyone who is conscious after an explosion should pay close attention to their breathing, so they can relay possible problems to the medical professionals.

People who are injured in these accidents have certain rights. Working with an attorney who can help protect those in the aftermath of an explosion can take some stress off the victim. If the employee succumbed to their injuries, the family members can count on a  lawyer to represent them in a legal claim regarding the matter.


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