Race Discrimination in the Workplace Is Alive and Well

Racial discrimination for employees in 2020 should, in theory, never happen. There are laws against it and it’s very important for companies to offer an equal opportunity to all workers, regardless of race or ethnicity. 

Unfortunately, it’s clear that racial discrimination is alive and well. It still happens constantly, and workers need to know how to address it. 

100,000 Cases of Racial Discrimination in the Workplace Are Reported Yearly

In terms of overall discrimination, the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) finishes up about 100,000 cases every year. About 82% of those cases do not result in compensation for the workers who started the claims, though. It’s also clear from the statistics that the success rates of race discrimination claims are among the lowest of any category, while the filing rate is among the highest. 

In other words, allegations of race-based discrimination are incredibly common, but finding relief from the government is not. Laws or otherwise, discrimination just keeps happening. One legal professional even said that proper professional investigations didn’t even happen in many of these cases. It may not be that the cases have no merit, as an outsider may assume, but just that no one took the time to dig into the cases enough to see the truth of what was happening. 

What Are Your Rights When You Experience Racial Discrimination at Work?

Racial discrimination takes many forms. It can lead to illegal firings or make it impossible to get a job. Those who are employed may face a hostile work environment. If any of this happens to you, please know that you are not alone. You do have rights, and it’s time to dig into all of your legal options


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