Is a West Virginia Restaurant Responsible For Your Sickness?

Your recent brush with food poisoning could be the fault of a West Virginia restaurant. Learn whom to turn to and what to look for.

When you do not feel like cooking, you may swing by a restaurant in West Virginia for a meal. Depending on where you go, your trip could include an item you did not order: food poisoning. The severity of your sickness could leave you with a legal case on your hands. Learn how to determine if you have food poisoning, and how it may have happened.

Involve Your Doctor

Common symptoms of food poisoning include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps and fever. Your discomfort may pass a few hours after your unfortunate restaurant meal, or it could persist for several days.

It is best to visit a medical professional if you do not feel better after a few days. You could receive a diagnosis based on your symptoms, or it may be necessary to test your stool or blood.

Ask About the Fish

Did you have sushi or a fish dish when your symptoms started? If so, you may have had escolar, or “snake mackerel.” This fish often replaces “white tuna,” which actually does not exist. Sufficient quantities of escolar can trigger symptoms associated with food poisoning. Gastrointestinal discomfort often crops up roughly three hours after ingesting escolar.

The “Cruise Ship Virus”

Rather than a restaurant, maybe your symptoms started either during your recent cruise or after your sea voyage. Also known as norovirus, the “cruise ship virus” hits more than 10 million Americans with food poisoning each year. One of the most common reasons for the spread of the virus is that food workers handle food without proper protection. Another reason norovirus is so devastating is that just a little of it can impact a sizeable group of people.

Your IBS

If you have irritable bowel syndrome, that could be the reason for your symptoms. Specifically, the generous food portions that American restaurants often offer can trigger a rush to the nearest bathroom. Besides food portions, certain drinks can also stretch your stomach and irritate your IBS symptoms. This boils down to the fact that it could be your IBS to blame for what you think is food poisoning, meaning the restaurant may not be responsible.

Taking Legal Action

The reason you may want to consider a personal injury suit after suffering from food poisoning is that the effects may take an extensive (and expensive) toll on your health. For instance, some types of food poisoning can leave a person unable to walk. There are also cases of food poisoning causing reactive arthritis.

You do not have to handle the long-term effects of food poisoning in West Virginia alone. Speak with our attorneys to determine whether you deserve damages for your pain and suffering.


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