The Hazards West Virginia Coal Miners Face

 | Feb 7, 2020 | Oil, Gas & Mining Accidents

Harvesting the planet’s natural resources makes life easier for the entire global population. Without the Earth’s oil, gas and coal, many industries would not exist and people would not find it easy to heat their homes or power their machines. Unfortunately, gathering these energy sources puts workers at a high risk of suffering oil, gas and mining accidents.

In West Virginia, coal mining is one of the largest industries. It puts food on the table for many families, but workers need to be aware of the risks associated with coal mining. Below, you will find several common hazards that can lead to mining accidents and health problems:

  • Fires and explosions due to machinery friction, spontaneous coal heating, detonators and many other causes, which typically result in severe injuries to victims 
  • Flooding due to unsafe mine conditions, poor infrastructure, cave-ins and intentional explosions
  • Collapses due to structural support failures in a mine, which can cause death by suffocation, concussions, broken bones and other severe injuries
  • Toxic contamination caused by exposure to aerosols, dust, particulate matter and diesel fumes that can lead to sudden injury or chronic illnesses after long-term exposure

Despite advancements in industry safety standards over the years, oil, gas and mining accidents will likely continue to plague workers simply because the jobs are dangerous. If negligence plays a role in a miner’s injuries they may choose to seek financial compensation by speaking with a legal professional. It is every person’s right to have a reasonably safe environment in which to work. When workers suffer injury through negligent acts on another person’s part, a legal solution is one of the best ways to hold careless parties to account.


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