Caught-Between Accidents Lead to 60% Of Oil and Gas Worker Deaths

Working in the oil and gas industries is unquestionably dangerous. There are carcinogenic chemicals present that people could inhale, say nothing of the constant potential for a fire or explosion. Whether you work an extraction, transportation, refining, or support services, your job puts you at risk.

What many people don’t realize is that the machinery used in oil and gas extraction and refining facilities is often the biggest risk to workers. According to an analysis of workplace fatalities by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, roughly three out of five oil and gas fatalities involve crushed-between or struck-by accidents.

Heavy Workplace Machinery Can Easily Cause Human Injuries

Moving extraction equipment or oil, gas and other supplies around a facility often requires heavy equipment, such as a forklift. Oil rigs themselves have many large, moving parts that could easily strike someone and create injuries. 

Unfortunately, big machinery brings big risks to the workplace. A single faulty maneuver or slip of the foot while driving a forklift could be all that needs to occur before a fatal accident takes place. Low visibility scenarios increase the risk of someone not noticing another worker or approaching machinery. People can sometimes walk right into a dangerous situation. 

Certain protective gear, including headphones to block out dangerous noises, could prevent people from recognizing the sounds of nearby machinery. Those working in the oil and gas industry should remain constantly vigilant about leaks, fires, explosions, and chemical exposure. However, they should also remember that the same machines that make their job easier are also the biggest risk for them inside the workplace.


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