Who Was Responsible For Your Construction Site Accident?

Your safety, health and well-being are always at risk when working on a construction site. From heavy machinery and power tools to hanging live wires, you won’t have to look far to find a safety hazard. In the event that you’re injured on a construction site, turn your immediate attention to obtaining medical treatment. Doing so as quickly as possible allows you to stabilize your injuries, thus improving the chance that you’ll make a full recovery.

From there, however, you’re faced with this question: Who was responsible for causing your construction site accident and subsequent injuries?

Sometimes, the answer is no one. It could have been the result of an honest mistake on your part or an “act of God.” Conversely, someone else could be responsible for the accident. And if that’s the case, you should look into making a third-party claim to protect your legal rights.

A third-party claim seeks to hold someone responsible for a workplace accident outside of the workers’ compensation system through a civil claim. When your injuries are severe and someone other than your employer is at fault, such a claim can provide access to funds that you can’t obtain through workers’ comp. In construction injuries, liable parties often include:

  • Another contractor or subcontractor
  • An equipment manufacturer
  • A property owner

For example, if you’re working alongside an electrician who is subcontracting, they may make a mistake that results in your injury. If so, you could hold them responsible. If a power tool malfunctions because it is badly made or poorly designed, you could hold the manufacturer responsible for your wounds.

Even if you take every step you can to protect against a construction site accident, your safety isn’t guaranteed. Another person could make a mistake that results in an injury. As a result of your accident, you can be faced with mounting medical debt, the inability to work and other damages. It’s in your best interest to collect evidence associated with the accident and then consider how to best protect your legal rights.  


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