Tips for Safety When You Work in the Oil or Gas Industry

Working in the oil and gas industry means working around heavy equipment for many in this profession. Even with training and experience, this means an elevated level of risk. You’re constantly around machines that could seriously injure you if anything goes wrong. And all it takes is one event to cause life-changing injuries, after years of safety with no issues. 

With this risk in mind, you’re probably wondering how you can increase your safety on the job. Here are a few important tips:

  • Watch out for moving vehicles. When working around vehicles, remember that backovers, along with runover incidents, make up nearly half of all accidents. Communication and visibility are the keys to avoiding such an accident. 
  • Proper training is a must. Workers should never be asked to use machines that they have not used before and they should not be rushed through the training process just to get them on the job. Safety has to come first. 
  • It’s crucial to inspect equipment regularly. Things wear out and they wear down. Do not assume that a machine is safe to use just because it was safe the week before. 
  • Use multiple ways to communicate. Communication can be hard due to the level of noise that these machines make. Don’t just rely on yelling and hoping someone hears you. Use hand signals, radios, text messages and other means of communication to cut through the noise. 
  • Never rush on the job if it means that you have to sacrifice safety. It’s tempting since you want to be productive, but rest assured that it’s far less productive to rush and get hurt than to work carefully and avoid injury. 

Even with these tips in mind, injuries are going to happen. They may be very serious. You need to know your rights. If you were hurt in an oil or gas industry accident, there may be compensation available to help meet your needs.


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