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Vehicle crashes impact oil and gas workers and the public

| Feb 5, 2021 | Car Accidents

The oil and gas industries are important to West Virginia’s economy. They are a source of business investment and employment. Additionally, people all over the country depend on resources extracted in West Virginia to power their vehicles, their businesses and even their homes.

The oil and gas industries offer a lot of benefits to West Virginia, but they also have some operational risks that influence the public. Most people recognize that oil and gas extraction and transportation come with the risk of spills, fires and explosions. What fewer people realize is how many oil and gas workers also are injured in car crashes.

Motor vehicle collisions are the leading risk for oil and gas workers

Given how dramatic stories of explosions, leaks and fires can be, you probably thought that one of those environmental catastrophes would be the biggest risk for an oil and gas worker. However, statistics tell another story. Car crashes hurt and kill more oil and gas workers than any other single cause.

Workers can get in to crashes while driving out to remote extraction locations or transporting extracted oil and gas. They can lose control of a big commercial vehicle or even get into a collision while driving their own vehicle for work. Some of these vehicle accidents occur at extraction sites and not on public roads. However, at least some of the collisions involving oil and gas workers and oil company vehicles also involve members of the public.

Those who have been injured in these crashes involving business vehicles may have different needs and concerns when negotiating for compensation after a crash An experienced attorney can provide important guidance.