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Do drivers get better with age?

| Apr 16, 2021 | Motor vehicle accident

As with many other skills, driving ability is something that can change a lot as you get older. It’s important to understand not only how this works for yourself, but also how it can impact the odds of getting into an accident with someone you’re sharing the road with.

There is a curve to the skill level. Where you are on this curve likely helps determine just how safe you are.

The risk levels for young and old drivers

The highest risk is arguably for teen drivers. Their accident rates tend to be high, especially when looking at severe and even deadly crashes. The main risk factor is often just inexperience. Mistakes are more common, and young drivers may misjudge a situation because they haven’t been in it before.

As people get older and gain experience, they naturally get much better at driving. They’re less impulsive, they know how to make quick judgement calls in traffic and they limit their mistakes.

However, the curve often starts to swing back again for elderly drivers. They may face physical challenges, such as the deterioration of their reaction times or a decline in eyesight. They could also develop cognitive issues that can make it hard to drive safely. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to hang up their keys for good.

Even if you’re a safe, experienced and capable driver, you have to be aware that high-risk drivers could be on the road with you at all times. If you are injured in a car accident, you may need to seek financial compensation. An experienced attorney can help.