Dozing off at the Wheel Is More Common Than Many People Realize

Most people recognize that both drunk and distracted drivers cause a noteworthy number of crashes every year. However, many people overlook another form of dangerous driving, which is drowsy driving.

Many people feel like they have no choice but to get behind the wheel when they feel too exhausted to really focus or even stay awake. Fatigued drivers may pass out at the wheel and cause a crash that causes life-altering consequences for other people.

How likely are you to encounter someone too tired to stay awake while out on the roads?

Drowsy Driving Statistics

If you assume that most drivers make the responsible decision to either have someone else drive or to call an Uber when they feel so tired that they can barely keep their eyes open, the truth may surprise you.

The statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are sobering, if not downright frightening. According to self-reported driving information, about one in every 25 drivers admits that they have fallen asleep at the wheel at least once in the last 30 days. In other words, every month, about 4% of drivers temporarily lose consciousness and control over their vehicle due to fatigue.

Any of those drivers could cause a crash in the few seconds that they lose consciousness and possibly leave someone with lifelong injuries or even cause a death. Recognizing the various risk factors that contribute to crashes can help you avoid causing one and also make it easier to take action when someone else causes a collision through irresponsible decisions.


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