Rush Hour May Increase Your Odds of a Wreck

Road congestion is common in the early morning and late afternoon, as workers either head in for the day or head home after the end of their shifts. Many workers have to drive in this type of traffic five days a week. 

While it’s common to think of rush hour as something that really just impacts the city, it can happen anywhere. An increase in traffic levels to more than a road was designed to handle can cause traffic to slow down and may increase your odds of getting involved in an accident. 

Why accidents happen during rush hour

Traffic does tend to move more slowly at these times, which may make it feel safer, but the opposite is true. Accident odds increase due to things like:

  • Aggressive driving and tailgating as people try to get through the drive as quickly as they can
  • Road rage, as tempers flare
  • Sudden backups that lead to rear-end accidents
  • Increases in distracted driving as drivers seek to get things done — like checking emails — while they’re in traffic
  • Rushing as drivers who are on a tight deadline realize that the traffic congestion is going to make them late

Essentially, even though traffic moves more slowly, drivers may accidentally or intentionally take actions that increase the odds that you’re going to crash. And, no matter how fast you’re moving at the time, there is always the risk that you’ll be injured in such an accident. 

What can you do if you’ve been injured in a wreck?

If you do get injured, that’s when you must look into your legal options to seek financial compensation for those injuries and the related costs. An experienced advocate can help protect your interests as you seek fair compensation for your losses. 


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