What’s the Top Reason Bikers Don’t Wear High Visibility Gear?

Traveling by motor vehicle is always dangerous, but the risk is substantially higher for motorcycle enthusiasts. You could experience a crash that leaves you with catastrophic injuries or proves fatal, often through no fault of your own.

Motorcyclists are at high risk for collisions caused by other drivers. The average motorcyclist takes multiple steps to help protect themselves. They may wear a helmet and other protective gear. They invest in the maintenance of their bike and practice defensive driving. They may also take some steps to make themselves more visible.

What makes a motorcycle easier to see?

From modulators on lights that cause them to waver in intensity to reflectors and loud exhaust systems, there are many tactics bikers can use to stay safe on the road by commanding the attention of others. Anything that draws the eye or attention of other drivers can be beneficial.

One option practiced less frequently is wearing personal gear in bright colors or with reflective elements. What is the number one reason that bikers don’t use eye-catching gear and clothing?

Many bikers have a negative opinion of brightly colored gear

Research into attitudes about motorcycle safety has shown a surprising trend. It is appearance, fashion and color alone that prevent most bikers from getting reflective or brightly colored clothing. They worry about how others will perceive them.

Some people worry that a focus on safety could detract from the rugged reputation commonly assigned to those who prefer two-wheel transportation, thinking that the colors may lead to unfortunate jokes if they go into a bar or restaurant. Others reported specifically that the style or design of more eye-catching gear seems contrary to the style of bike they ride and the standard fashion associated with it.

You can look cool while still being safe

There are dozens of companies manufacturing excellent safety gear for avid motorcyclists. You don’t have to sacrifice looking and feeling cool to stay safe on the road, although you may have to move on from full black gear to be as eye-catching as possible.

Rather than simply going to one store and buying the first reflective jacket you see, spending a little time looking into different designs can help you find something that is the perfect compromise between function and fashion. Given how many motorcycle crashes are the result of drivers not paying attention, you owe it to yourself to reduce one of your biggest risks while out on your bike.


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