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Walgreen's alleged dangerous property conditions cause fall

When stores do not maintain premises that are safe for the public to use, members of the public in West Virginia can end up getting injured and unfortunately rack up medical bills. One woman in another state said she was recently injured at a Walgreens due to negligence on the part of the store. She has filed a civil suit against the drug retailer, alleging dangerous property conditions.

According to the lawsuit, the woman was going into a Walgreens store one day. All of a sudden, the door closed and ended up striking her. The woman asserted that this caused her to fall.

2015 a major year for recalls due to auto defects

The year 2015 was a huge year for recalls in the automotive industry. Over 51 million vehicles throughout the United States, including in West Virginia, were affected by more than 860 separate recalls stemming from auto defects. This figure is an all-time high, and this is the second consecutive year that the figure has been so high.

Back in 2014, vehicle manufacturers recalled more than 50 million automobiles across almost 780 separate recalls. Meanwhile, the entire industry nationwide recalled just 20 million cars in a year's time from the years of 2005 to 2013. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration said part of the reason for the spike in recalls is that officials are more vigilant about looking for any auto defects and then quickly addressing them.

Defective products including AC cord and lamps recalled

Some items that people in West Virginia may be using every day have recently sparked concern. These defective products are currently under recall. They include an AC power cord and ceiling lamps.

Microsoft has recalled its AC power cord for its Surface Pro devices, including the Surface Pro as well as the Surface Pro 2 and the Surface Pro 3. The cords are being recalled because they have the potential to overheat, thus posing a shock or fire hazard. Microsoft received over 50 reports of the cords overheating and then emitting flames; so far, five people have been injured. The cords were sold by Microsoft as well as at stores such as Best Buy.

Alleged dangerous property conditions lead to girl's injury

When a facility in West Virginia does not exercise care in keeping its premises safe, visitors there may unfortunately end up with major injuries. Dangerous property conditions were recently blamed for the injuries that one girl recently suffered at a school in another state. The mother of the girl has thus decided to file a liability lawsuit against the school system of which the school is a part.

According to the woman's complaint, a girl was walking in the gym at the high school and suddenly slipped and fell, suffering severe external and internal injuries. The suit alleged that the floor was covered with water. This reportedly created a slipping hazard for people who walked on the floor.

Slip-and-fall accidents may cause bone fractures

When businesses in West Virginia fail to keep their premises free of debris, especially in the winter, pedestrians can easily slip and fall. Unfortunately, slip-and-fall accidents often send the victims to the hospital. Those injured must cope with their physical fall-related injuries and also cope with the accompanying financial stresses. One woman in another state recently claimed she suffered injuries in a slip-and-fall accident at a university.

According to a lawsuit she filed against the university, the woman visited the university along with her son to meet with the school's dean of admissions. Due to bad weather, the woman reportedly attempted to reschedule the college tour for a different day. However, the woman alleged that the admissions dean insisted on doing the tour the same day.

Space heaters are defective products being recalled

West Virginia residents who are hurt by consumer products have the right to seek to hold the makers of these products accountable. Some defective products that have recently been recalled include space heaters. Specifically, these heaters were sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Officials with the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that consumers should not use the KUL Fan Heaters, as four of them have already been reported to having caught fire. Individuals who have purchased these heaters are encouraged to get in touch with the manufacturer, which is CE North America. The manufacturer can then provide instructions on how to return the heaters using a prepaid label for shipping.

Auto defects involving air bags lead to vehicle recalls

Sometimes automobiles in West Virginia end up malfunctioning, thus putting consumers' health or even their lives at risk. One recent case involving auto defects that may impact some vehicle owners in West Virginia deals with auto air bags made by Continental Automotive Systems. The problem has led to the recalls of nearly five million vehicles.

According to officials, moisture has the ability to enter the air bag control computers. This may cause the corrosion and failure of the power supplies. If this occurs, a car's air bags might not inflate during a collision, or the bags might inflate even when a crash has not happened.

Undeclared allergens can lead to dangerous or defective products

West Virginia residents may be interested in hearing that a company that produces ravioli and other pasta products has recently issued a massive recall of nearly 40,000 pounds of pasta. Home Maid Ravioli Company, Inc. has reportedly allowed various ravioli and pasta products to be sent to stores lacking a professional inspection by federal regulators. In addition, these dangerous or defective products may be misbranded in that they contain allergens that are not declared on the label.

The allergens that may be included in the products include both whey and pork. Whey is a known allergen, and it does not appear on the ingredient label of the product. Pork is not considered a known allergen, but it is not declared on the label.

Girl suffers dog bites after being attacked by pit bulls

Dog attacks in West Virginia unfortunately can cause not just physical suffering but also emotional distress to victims. One girl in a recent out-of-state case was transported to the hospital after suffering from dog bites. The incident occurred on a Monday.

One witness told authorities that he saw a couple of pit bull dogs start to chase the 10-year-old at about 3 p.m. The girl was walking with some friends at the time. The dogs are said to have viciously attacked the girl and knocked her to the ground. The witness said the dogs then climbed onto her and kept attacking.

Hair care products named in dangerous or defective products suit

West Virginia residents may be interested in hearing that over 100 men and women are currently among the numerous plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the Just for Men hair care products. According to their allegations in a dangerous or defective products lawsuit, the defendants have designed, manufactured and sold hair dyes and hair care products since 1987. The plaintiffs claim that the company has known that its product was defective and could cause dangerous and negative side effects even when the product was used as directed.

Per the complaint, even though the company was aware of the negative impact that its products could have on consumers, it continued to design, manufacture, promote and sell these products. In the lawsuit, it is asserted that some of the plaintiffs have suffered various side effects. Some of these include allergic reactions, scarring, burns, skin depigmentation, and even anaphylactic shock.