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July 2012 Archives

West Virginia man convicted in pedestrian-vs.-car accident

Look left, then right, then left again before crossing the street. This has always been good advice for pedestrians. They are among the most vulnerable users of the roadways in the country after all, including in West Virginia. Every time pedestrian steps onto a surface shared by vehicles, whether it is a highway, street or parking lot, the possibility of being involved in a pedestrian-versus-car accident increases.

Car accident sends 4 to West Virginia hospital

Expecting the unexpected is just one of the things drivers across West Virginia deal with when they get behind the wheel. Attentive drivers do what they can to minimize the dangers and obstacles they encounter on the roads, but no driver can anticipate everything. That's when car accidents happen. And all too often, a driver can become part of a wreck without ever seeing it coming.

1 dead in West Virginia motorcycle accident

Driving the beautiful highways of West Virginia can be distracting during the day if you aren't careful. The same lush greenery and rolling hills that make driving in West Virginia beautiful during the day can also make the highways darker than dark at night. On June 22, the night highways were the scene of a car and motorcycle accident that left the driver of the motorcycle dead.

West Virginia state senator injured in car accident

Navigating some roads can be risky even under the best of conditions. In inclement weather, however, driving these roads can quickly become an even more difficult prospect. Intense summer storms which swept across West Virginia on June 29 appear to have contributed to a car accident which injured a state senator. The President of the West Virginia Senate revealed that the state senator suffered a closed head injury along with internal injuries in the Friday car accident. Reportedly, the severe weather pattern played a part in the frightening collision.