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August 2012 Archives

Head on collision cause of West Virginia motorcycle accident

Riding a motorcycle on the West Virginia roads can be both fun and beautiful. The fresh mountain air can be liberating and give a rider a sense of freedom. However, that freedom can come with a price. Injuries from a motorcycle accident may be more severe than if the rider had been in a car.

Bicyclist killed in accident with car in Beckley

The family of the bicyclist will have to wait to know what happened that day. In the meantime, they are probably deep in grief after having had to bury their loved one to concentrate much on the accident itself. However, when the initial shock wears off and reality sets in, their minds may turn to what to do next.

West Virginia car accident could have been avoided

Sometimes the West Virginia roadways can be confusing. Identifying an exit ramp versus an on ramp can sometimes present a challenge to a driver who may not be familiar with the area. However, most of the time, when a driver realizes they are going the wrong way, they immediately correct themselves in order to avoid a car accident.

4 injured in car accident on US 220 in West Virginia

For many people in West Virginia, driving is second nature. Most people drive the same roads day in and day out and come to know every curve and bump. This familiarity may be helpful, but it can also lead to a car accident. Being familiar with the road can cause some people to let their attentions wander, and that is when mistakes can happen.

Car accident kills West Virginia courtesy patrol officer

Driving has become such an integral part of daily life that it is sometimes taken for granted. Drivers are sometimes complacent with their ability to navigate West Virginia roads, so much so that they seem to operate their vehicles as if they were on automatic pilot. That is a mistake. Indeed, falling asleep while driving is no joke, and the possibility of having a car accident increases dramatically.