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September 2012 Archives

Car accident sidelines West Virginia football player

Playing football is always a tricky prospect since the possibility of injury is always there. When a player is injured and not able to play, most West Virginia football fans expect that the player was injured while playing football. It is less often that a player is sidelined for injuries they received in a car accident.

West Virginia schools need better safeguards against brain injury

Most West Virginia schools have an athletic program. Friday night high school football games are a draw not only for parents and students, but for local supporters. When people are watching the game, they are focused on the plays and the score. They are probably not worrying too much about the players suffering brain injuries.

Car accident in West Virginia takes a life, injures 3

Driving above the speed limit may not seem like a big deal, but it certainly can be. Knowing how to control a vehicle at high speeds takes specialized training that the average West Virginia driver doesn't receive. Speed limits are there to help prevent a car accident by letting a driver know what the top speed a vehicle can safely travel a road.

Preventing car accidents goal of new West Virginia law

It's hard to find anyone these days that doesn't have a cell phone. The convenience of being able to keep in touch with people from anywhere has become a part of our lives as much as driving. It's when cell phones and driving are mixed that the possibility of having a car accident increases. It is this increased risk that prompted West Virginia lawmakers to act and pass a law against such practices