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Personal Injury Archives

Walgreen's alleged dangerous property conditions cause fall

When stores do not maintain premises that are safe for the public to use, members of the public in West Virginia can end up getting injured and unfortunately rack up medical bills. One woman in another state said she was recently injured at a Walgreens due to negligence on the part of the store. She has filed a civil suit against the drug retailer, alleging dangerous property conditions.

2015 a major year for recalls due to auto defects

The year 2015 was a huge year for recalls in the automotive industry. Over 51 million vehicles throughout the United States, including in West Virginia, were affected by more than 860 separate recalls stemming from auto defects. This figure is an all-time high, and this is the second consecutive year that the figure has been so high.

Alleged dangerous property conditions lead to girl's injury

When a facility in West Virginia does not exercise care in keeping its premises safe, visitors there may unfortunately end up with major injuries. Dangerous property conditions were recently blamed for the injuries that one girl recently suffered at a school in another state. The mother of the girl has thus decided to file a liability lawsuit against the school system of which the school is a part.

Slip-and-fall accidents may cause bone fractures

When businesses in West Virginia fail to keep their premises free of debris, especially in the winter, pedestrians can easily slip and fall. Unfortunately, slip-and-fall accidents often send the victims to the hospital. Those injured must cope with their physical fall-related injuries and also cope with the accompanying financial stresses. One woman in another state recently claimed she suffered injuries in a slip-and-fall accident at a university.

Space heaters are defective products being recalled

West Virginia residents who are hurt by consumer products have the right to seek to hold the makers of these products accountable. Some defective products that have recently been recalled include space heaters. Specifically, these heaters were sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Auto defects involving air bags lead to vehicle recalls

Sometimes automobiles in West Virginia end up malfunctioning, thus putting consumers' health or even their lives at risk. One recent case involving auto defects that may impact some vehicle owners in West Virginia deals with auto air bags made by Continental Automotive Systems. The problem has led to the recalls of nearly five million vehicles.

Girl suffers dog bites after being attacked by pit bulls

Dog attacks in West Virginia unfortunately can cause not just physical suffering but also emotional distress to victims. One girl in a recent out-of-state case was transported to the hospital after suffering from dog bites. The incident occurred on a Monday.

Alleged dangerous property conditions led to woman's injuries

The carelessness of a company in West Virginia can cause serious injuries to an individual -- injuries whose effects may last a lifetime. One person in another state said she suffered injuries while on the property of a oil company. She has decided to file a lawsuit against the company due to its allegedly dangerous property conditions.

Olympus defective medical devices may lead to infections, death

When a medical device is not made properly, the consequences can be devastating for patients in West Virginia and other states. One device that was recently slated to be recalled voluntarily is an Olympus medical endoscope. Officials said these defective medical devices have been tied to hundreds of infections.