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Brain Injuries Archives

Traumatic brain injury victims may benefit from innovations

An injury to the brain is the result of a forceful impact to the head. Unfortunately, this type of injury -- called a traumatic brain injury -- can easily alter a West Virginian's life. For instance, it can cause physical, behavioral and cognitive issues. Fortunately, though, various innovations aimed at tackling brain injuries are giving hope to injury victims.

Traumatic brain injury heavily linked to car crashes

Research shows that car collisions remain the top cause of visits to the emergency room, hospital stays and deaths tied to head injuries for people between 15 and 34 years of age. Traumatic brain injury in particular constitutes around 30% of injury-related deaths across the United States. However, diagnosing and treating this type of injury is essential for preventing such deaths in West Virginia and elsewhere.

Traumatic brain injury receiving increased attention in March

Injuries to the brain can unfortunately take a toll on a person, both physically and emotionally, in West Virginia and elsewhere. Fortunately, March happens to be Brain Injury Awareness Month -- a month where more attention is typically paid to traumatic brain injury. Here is a look at what this type of injury involves.

Brain injury can affect young adults cognitively

Suffering head injuries can no doubt have an immediate impact on an individual in West Virginia. However, it can also have long-term cognitive effects. According to a recent study, this is particularly true for those who have suffered more than one brain injury.

Researchers may be able to stop brain injury inflammation

Head injuries can easily happen as a result of car accidents or slip-and-fall accidents in West Virginia. Unfortunately, when a brain injury happens, it triggers nervous system inflammation, and this can further damage the health of the brain. Researchers, however, are exploring the possibility of preventing this inflammatory response through targeting a certain brain cell type.

Guidelines for testing, treating traumatic brain injury changing

Experts say that, over the past few years, the number of instances of injuries to the brain has increased. As a result, United States government officials are changing how traumatic brain injury is tested for and treated. This will no doubt have an impact on individuals in West Virginia who suffer these types of injuries in the future.

Traumatic brain injury may increase suicide risk

People in West Virginia and elsewhere who have suffered head injuries may be impacted by the physical symptoms of these types of injuries, such as dizziness and memory problems. However, these injuries can also cause psychological problems. A recent research study suggested that traumatic brain injury sufferers have a two-times greater chance of dying by suicide compared with those without a history of brain injury.

Brain injury may lead to mental health problems

Injuries to the brain can easily happen as a result of serious accidents, such as motor vehicle collisions, in West Virginia. However, these injuries leave more than just physical scars. Research shows that a brain injury can also affect a person's mental health long term.

More research being done on female traumatic brain injury

When people study or talk about those who have suffered injuries to the brain, they often think about male soldiers or players in the National Football League. Unfortunately, women have not been well represented in research on traumatic brain injury. However, the VA's brain bank is trying to change this -- a move that may have a positive impact on female brain injury victims in West Virginia and other parts of the United States.

Traumatic brain injury can be devastating

Most people in West Virginia and other parts of the United States do not lead daredevil lives as many athletes do. However, this does not mean they are not at risk of suffering traumatic brain injuries. A traumatic brain injury can still happen in the right situation, and unfortunately, it can have devastating consequences for the person who suffers it.

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