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Spinal Cord Injuries Archives

Spinal cord injury patients may benefit from using special bikes

Injury to the spinal cord is typically linked to physical impairments in the long term. Unfortunately, these impairments may lead to psychological and social complications that have a negative impact on a patient's quality of life in West Virginia and other states. However, recent research indicated that special bikes may help to improve the quality of life of those suffering from spinal cord injury.

Spinal cord injury patients may benefit from stem cell growth

Many illnesses can be addressed with the use of stem cells. Likewise, stem cells may help those suffering from spinal cord injury in West Virginia and elsewhere. However, growing a large number of these cells has proved challenging over the years. Fortunately, thanks to scientific developments, making these cells is starting to become easier.

Nanoparticle injection may help spinal cord injury victims

Following injury to the spinal cord, secondary nerve damage can occur due to internal scarring and inflammation. Unfortunately, this prevents the nervous system from being able to repair itself. However, according to a new study, a nanoparticle that is injected following spinal cord injury may be able to prevent the problematic scarring and inflammation, which may provide hope to spinal cord injury patients in West Virginia and elsewhere.

Spinal cord injury patients may be helped by their own minds

Spinal cord injuries in West Virginia can unfortunately lead to the loss of feeling and mobility. However, devices known as neuroprosthetics may help spinal cord injury patients with sensory or motor disabilities to gain control of these senses again. These brain-computer interfaces essentially work by building a connection between a computer and the patient's brain.

The Cost of Spinal Cord Injuries

If you've had the misfortune of injuring your spine, then you know the turmoil that accompanies such a horrible event. Beyond the astronomical medical bills, a spinal cord injury can result in loss of income, severe emotional distress, and persistent life-altering physical pain.

New therapy involving cells may help spinal cord injury patients

Spinal cord injuries can take their toll on patients in West Virginia both physically and emotionally. However, a brand new therapy for treating spinal cord injury may give hope to people who have lost their sensory and motor function below their injury sites. The new therapy involves the use of AST-OPC1 cells.

Spinal cord injury victims may benefit from electroacupuncture

Spinal cord injuries can happen in a number of different ways. In West Virginia and elsewhere, victims could suffer the injuries in a motor vehicle accident or from a fall at a business, for example. A spinal cord injury can be life altering, but researchers recently revealed that acupuncture may be able to help those suffering from this type of injury. Electroacupuncture may be especially useful for injury victims.

Spinal cord injury patients may benefit from prosthetic

In the past, the ability to reverse paralysis seemed like a miracle. Now, that miracle is closer to becoming a reality. In the next few years, people with spinal cord injury in West Virginia and elsewhere might be able to reclaim control of their legs and start walking again.

Spinal cord injury victims may benefit from vitamin D supplements

Patients in West Virginia and other states who have suffered injuries to their spinal cords may find that their vitamin D levels are insufficient. However, researchers recently stated that vitamin D supplements can help to improve their depression symptoms. Supplements might also help to improve fatigue in spinal cord injury patients.

Spinal cord injury victims may benefit from stem cell research

People in West Virginia who have suffered injuries to their spinal cords can suffer from a wide range of complications, along with numbness and paralysis. Some of these issues are due to the lack of GABA, a neurotransmitter, in the spinal cord that has been injured. However, new research shows that embryonic stem cells from humans may be able to be transformed into a different type of cell that produces GABA. This might help to alleviate bladder dysfunction and chronic pain, two major side effects of spinal cord injury.

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