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It can be a shock to family members to find out that their loved one has developed a bedsore in a nursing home. The reason we place our loved ones in nursing homes is to ensure they receive the care and attention they need. A bedsore is evidence they are not receiving either.

At Warner Law Offices, our attorneys handle cases of nursing home negligence. We hold nursing home staff and management responsible when their neglect causes a serious injury to someone you love.

Bedsores usually occur on bony areas of the body, such as hips, the coccyx or the backs of heels of patients who are immobilized. The sores are caused by pressure that restricts the flow of blood to the skin and other tissues. However, the real cause of a bedsore is usually neglect. In most cases, bedsores can be prevented by periodically repositioning a patient who is unable to move himself or herself.

A bedsore is a serious injury that can lead to infection, hospitalization and death. If your loved one developed bedsores as a result of nursing home negligence, our lawyers will seek compensation for damages such as medical bills and compensation for pain and suffering.

Residents are often hesitant to complain about their treatment in a nursing home. It often takes a serious injury to call attention to problems such as neglect or abuse. When a nursing home fails in its duty to a resident, the civil justice system can provide a potent remedy. Many nursing homes change their policies following a personal injury lawsuit to ensure that other residents do not suffer similar injuries.

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