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Man dies in West Virginia car accident

Some of the worst news a family can receive is that their loved one has passed away in a sudden car crash. Unfortunately, one family recently received this news in West Virginia after a car accident that took place there on a recent Sunday -- one of two crashes that occurred along Interstate 79 that weekend. When a fatal accident occurs because of another person's carelessness behind the wheel, the family may have the right to hold the at-fault person accountable in a civil lawsuit.

Auto defects in airbags can claim unnecessary lives in wrecks

Many residents of West Virginia have personally had their life saved or know someone whose life was saved in a car accident when the airbag deployed. While the deployment of an airbag may cause slight scrapes and burns to the face, the devices literally save one's life in the event of a car collision. Unfortunately, when auto defects cause these airbags to malfunction, it can result in the death of individuals. 

Lawsuit against GM highlights more airbag-related auto defects

Airbags were designed to help protect drivers and passengers in vehicles when accidents occur. However, when airbags are defective, they not only fail to protect vehicle occupants but may also cause injuries. While some injuries can occur due to airbags failing to deploy, some injuries may occur because airbags deploy for no reason. Unfortunately, airbag failures are common auto defects cited in West Virginia lawsuits, and the trend in airbag-related lawsuits does not seem to be ending.

Settlement reached in spinal cord injury lawsuit

One minute, a person can walk and enjoy the full use of his or her body. A accident, whether in West Virginia or elsewhere, can take that all away in an instant. Falls and car accidents can sometimes lead to spinal cord injury, and the consequences can be life-altering. In one out-of-state case, a settlement has been approved in connection with a lawsuit involving an injury that occurred while trying to rescue a wayward hiker. 

Woman claims defective airbag left her paralyzed

Automobiles have come a long way over the course of the last 100 years. Manufacturers are constantly adding safety features to protect drivers and their passengers should they become involved in a car accident. However, there have been reports recently of safety features that have actually caused more harm than good. These issues could also affect people in West Virginia. One out-of-state woman has recently filed a lawsuit, claiming that her airbag left her paralyzed.

Spinal cord injury victims could receive help from e-Dura implant

Researchers are already familiar with how they can stimulate a person's spinal cord and brain in order to treat different neurological conditions. However, it has been hard to produce implants that will work long-term without harming nearby tissue. Paralyzed spinal cord injury patients in West Virginia may be encouraged to learn that a new flexible neural implant has been developed that may stimulate neurons in various environments both chemically and electrically and thus enable them to move again.

Woman suffers spinal cord injury at trampoline park

One accident, in West Virginia or elsewhere, can quickly take away a person's ability to ever walk again. Unfortunately, one individual in an out-of-state case recently experienced this after visiting a trampoline park. She went to the indoor park to celebrate her son's birthday, but an accident there caused her to suffer a spinal cord injury and led paralysis of the lower part of her body.

Spinal cord injury may have an impact on the brain's function

Spinal cord injuries can drastically change a person's ability to operate as they are used to in West Virginia. Most researchers have focused on how spinal cord injury affects the body, but not many have concentrated on how it affects the function of the brain. Researchers recently learned that injury to the spinal cord can cause sustained and widespread brain inflammation, which can lead to nerve cells progressively being lost.

Spinal cord injury patients may benefit from electrical pulses

Being able to walk and move about may be a dream for those who have suffered spinal cord injuries. New technology called neural prosthetics can now immediately trigger a spinal cord injury in the legs of a patient to engage in natural movements. Research dealing with the new technology may result in robot-assisted rehabilitation that can help those with partial spinal cord damage to walk once again in West Virginia and elsewhere.

Backup visibility system auto defect may be to blame for death

Backup cameras have been in development for years. There has been a lot of debate about having them included in vehicles as a mandatory safety feature. These systems are supposed to help prevent car accidents, but a claimed auto defect in the systems may keep that from occurring. This is something that will be determined in a federal lawsuit pending in another state that could impact similar accidents across the country, including in West Virginia.

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