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Posts tagged "Dangerous or Defective Products"

Undeclared allergens can lead to dangerous or defective products

West Virginia residents may be interested in hearing that a company that produces ravioli and other pasta products has recently issued a massive recall of nearly 40,000 pounds of pasta. Home Maid Ravioli Company, Inc. has reportedly allowed various ravioli and pasta products to be sent to stores lacking a professional inspection by federal regulators. In addition, these dangerous or defective products may be misbranded in that they contain allergens that are not declared on the label.

Hair care products named in dangerous or defective products suit

West Virginia residents may be interested in hearing that over 100 men and women are currently among the numerous plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the Just for Men hair care products. According to their allegations in a dangerous or defective products lawsuit, the defendants have designed, manufactured and sold hair dyes and hair care products since 1987. The plaintiffs claim that the company has known that its product was defective and could cause dangerous and negative side effects even when the product was used as directed.

Britax baby car seats considered dangerous or defective products

West Virginia readers may want to take note that Britax, an infant car seat manufacturer, has recently issued a recall for some of its car seats. At this time, the company has received 74 separate reports of various incidents involving the dangerous or defective products. Apparently, the car seat handles are susceptible to breaking, cracking or fracturing, which is what has prompted Britax to issue the recall. Luckily, Britax has only received confirmation of one infant being injured due to the defect in the car seats so far.

Children's medicine latest of dangerous or defective products

With the winter season well underway in West Virginia and the rest of the country, parents are likely stocking up on cold-related medicines. Unfortunately, parents may have innocently picked up dangerous or defective products in the process. According to reports, one company has issued a voluntary recall of some of its children's medicine.

Dangerous or defective products can put a damper on holiday fun

West Virginia parents may want to review the toys their children received for Christmas this year. This seems particularly true where hoverboards are concerned. There have been numerous emergency room visits and complaints citing these popular new toys as dangerous or defective products in many locations throughout the nation.

Exploding bottles latest of dangerous or defective products

When West Virginia residents purchase bottles of beverages at the grocery store, they probably do not expect them to blow up after getting them home. However, that is exactly the premise of a recent recall. The dangerous or defective products involved are bottles of Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Brew.

Bean bag chairs recalled as dangerous or defective products

Bean bag chairs are very popular gifts for children at Christmas. For West Virginia residents who have purchased a bean bag for their child, grandchild or other child in their lives, it may time to check to see if it is part of a recall. Dangerous or defective products come in a number of forms, and right now, it includes bean bag chairs.

Dangerous or defective products caused by packaging error

West Virginia residents may be interested in hearing that over 100 women are filing a lawsuit against a birth control manufacturer after they willingly took contraceptive pills thinking that they were being protected from an unwanted pregnancy. Unfortunately, this didn't turn out to be the case. In fact, it is reported that 94 women gave birth after getting pregnant unexpectedly and 17 others did not carry until the end of the full term, and they claim dangerous or defective products were the reason.

Levaquin latest in dangerous or defective products

Manufacturers of prescription drugs place their products on the market in order to impact lives. However, the impact that the drug has on a person's life may not always be positive. Instead, it can sometimes be negative. This is why prescription drug companies have a duty to ensure proper research is conducted prior to allowing a product onto the market for consumer and physician use. Otherwise, dangerous or defective products can get into the hands, and bodies, of West Virginia consumers.

Dangerous or defective products can stem from incorrect labeling

When West Virginia residents head to the store, it is expected that products are properly labeled. This includes everything from medications to foods. When an allergen statement is incorrect or an ingredient is not listed on the ingredient label for food products, it can become extremely dangerous for those with allergies. Individuals with a wheat allergy will want to pay close attention to this week's dangerous or defective products.

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