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Posts tagged "Spinal Cord Injuries"

Nanoparticles may help spinal cord injury patients

Injury to the spine can unfortunately have a negative impact on a person's quality of life in West Virginia. However, a new university research study recently revealed that nanoparticle treatments may help to reduce the damage caused by a spinal cord injury. This may be exciting news for many victims of car crashes and other accidents leading to spinal cord injuries.

Specific exercises may help spinal cord injury victims

Life can quickly change following an injury to a person's spinal cord. For example, daily tasks such as getting dressed can become difficult. However, specific exercises may help spinal cord injury victims in West Virginia to boost their function.

Spinal cord injury may stem from car accident

The spinal cord serves as the chief communication pathway between the nervous system and the brain. Unfortunately, in a serious car accident in West Virginia, this pathway can easily be injured. As a result, a person who suffers a spinal cord injury may experience motor and sensory functional deficits underneath the injury area, and this can cause serious disability. Fortunately, researchers have found a way to help spinal cord injury victims by using the grafts of an adult spinal cord.

Spinal cord injury patients may find hope in 3-D implants

Losing motor function due to spinal injuries is understandably devastating. However, researchers have good news for spinal cord injury patients in West Virginia and elsewhere. Three-dimensional, or 3-D, implants may one day restore these patients' motor functions and neural connections.

Neuron regeneration may help spinal cord injury patients

For people's walking ability to be restored when their spinal cords have been injured, communication pathways between spinal cord neurons and brain neurons must be re-established. The trick is, though, that mature neurons cannot regenerate the axons needed to facilitate such a process. Fortunately, for spinal cord injury patients in West Virginia and elsewhere, new research shows that it may be possible to overcome this limitation.

Spinal cord injury caused by car accident may cause pain issues

Suffering injuries to the spinal cord in West Virginia can understandably be both physically and emotionally debilitating. Following a car accident or another type of accident leading to spinal cord injuries, an individual may struggle to operate independently and may also suffer from pain. Regarding pain, a recent study indicated that spinal cord injury patients' pain management should be based on their pain levels and subtypes.

Respiratory issues may plague some spinal cord injury victims

Injuries to the spine can unfortunately have negative long-term impacts on a patient in West Virginia. For instance, some spinal cord injury patients who become paralyzed end up having to breathe with ventilators. However, researchers recently discovered that lab-grown neural cells may one day enable these patients to breathe without their ventilators' help.

Gene therapy may benefit spinal cord injury patients

The body responds to injuries to the spinal cord by creating scar issue, thus sealing the spinal wound. However, this also prevents new tissue from being created following a spinal cord injury. Fortunately, researchers have found a high-potential genetic trigger that they could target to enhance how the spinal cord recovers from an injury -- a scientific step that may give hope to spinal cord injury patients in West Virginia and elsewhere.

Spinal cord injury study to involve stem cells, virtual reality

Facilitating recovery from spine-related injuries remains a major goal of doctors involved in regenerative medicine. After all, many patients who suffer from spinal cord injury and paralysis in West Virginia were active people prior to the incidents that suddenly led to their life-altering injuries. A new study that recently received approval from an institutional review board may yield helpful insights into the use of stem cells derived from bone marrow to help spinal cord injury victims.

Spinal cord injury patients may benefit from using special bikes

Injury to the spinal cord is typically linked to physical impairments in the long term. Unfortunately, these impairments may lead to psychological and social complications that have a negative impact on a patient's quality of life in West Virginia and other states. However, recent research indicated that special bikes may help to improve the quality of life of those suffering from spinal cord injury.

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