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Posts tagged "brain damage"

Brain injury research may help to improve rehab efforts

Brain injuries can affect people in a myriad of ways; for instance, people in West Virginia can experience emotional challenges as well as cognitive challenges. A more thorough understanding of brain hubs and networks might help to enhance scientists' understanding of brain injury outcomes. This, in turn, may help with improving rehabilitation and prognosis efforts.

New device may help with diagnosis of traumatic brain injury

People often don’t imagine that they will end up with traumatic brain injuries. However, getting a traumatic brain injury is possible for anyone who plays sports or who rides in a car that could become involved in a collision in West Virginia. Fortunately, one new device is expected to help with diagnosing and measuring this type of injury non-surgically.

Certain immune cells can help traumatic brain injury victims

One kind of immune cell called microglia is believed to exacerbate chronic brain diseases in adults, such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. However, according to new research, these same cells may be able to protect one’s brain from life-changing traumatic brain injury in West Virginia. They can also slow down neurodegenerative diseases, researchers said.

Mild or severe traumatic brain injury can cause problems

Traumatic brain injuries can occur in West Virginia when one’s head violently hits a hard surface all of a sudden. These injuries can also take place if an object strikes an individual’s skull and enters the brain. Even though a severe traumatic brain injury has drawn a lot of attention lately because it can affect a person’s ability to function normally, even a mild brain injury can actually have drastic effects regarding a person’s life.

Patients respond differently to traumatic brain injury

Just as West Virginia residents differ in their personalities and in their fingerprints, they also differ in how they respond to trauma. This prevents physicians from being able to predict the outcomes of patients who suffer from conditions such as a traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, brain damage can result in severe disabilities, such as cognitive impairment and epilepsy.

Traumatic brain injury may happen due to banging one's head

When people imagine suffering a brain injury, they often associate it with sports accidents or motor vehicle accidents, for instance. A traumatic brain injury typically happens when a person's head hits a hard object, such as the ground. The injury is often serious, and it can lead to problems such as bleeding, torn tissues and bruising of the brain in West Virginia.

Traumatic brain injury reports on the rise

Readers in West Virginia may be alarmed to hear that an increasing number of people appear to be suffering concussions in America, based on new research. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that results from a blow to one’s body or head. Visits by those seeking traumatic brain injury treatment jumped by more than 29 percent from 2006 to 2010.

Brain injury, TBI, may have a link to homelessness

A new study shows that about 50 percent of homeless individuals in the United States have suffered injuries to the brain. In addition, people in West Virginia may be surprised to learn that rates of brain injury, TBI, have risen dramatically during the past several years. The research provides new insight about causes of homelessness and may spark additional questions about why TBI is on the rise.

New imaging techniques show long-term brain injuries

When a brain is damaged, doctors can sometimes use imaging technology to determine where the brain is damaged and how severe the damage is. However, with mild concussions, imaging technology has fallen short in determining long-term effects to the brain.

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