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Posts tagged "product liability"

Dangerous or defective products include frozen pastries this week

People here in West Virginia put their faith into food manufacturers and companies to ensure that all safety warnings and ingredients are properly placed on the packaging or labels of products. Sadly, one of the reasons that there are dangerous or defective products on the market is because this is not always done. This oversight puts consumers at serious risk, which in extreme cases, could lead to someone's death.

Parents may be relying heavily on dangerous or defective products

West Virginia parents and parents throughout the country are told to use car seats and booster seats in order to protect their children from serious injuries in the event that a car accident occurs. However, even when properly restrained, injuries can still occur if dangerous or defective products are designed, manufactured and sold to consumers. A man from another state has filed a lawsuit against the makers of a car seat, saying that the seat failed to adequately protect his young daughter from harm in an accident.

Woman says she ate defective product with salmonella from deli

Salmonella is just one of the many illnesses that can be contracted from eating contaminated food. Food products can be contaminated in a number of ways. In some cases, salmonella poisoning may occur because a worker infected with salmonella does not wash his or her hands with hot water and soap. In other instances, a defective product with salmonella may be contaminated during food processing methods. Whatever the case may be, the health implications for West Virginia residents can be serious.

Defective product claim -- woman finds dead bird in lettuce mix

When a food product is purchased at a West Virginia store, consumers expect it to be made properly and safe to eat. From pieces of metal to listeria contamination, any number of things than result in a defective product. In some cases, the issue can be caught before placed on the market for consumers to purchase and use. Unfortunately, this was apparently not the case in one recent incident from another state. 

Baxter International Inc. recalls dangerous defective product

West Virginia residents who suffer from illnesses are extremely vulnerable, and they commonly trust caretakers to administer medication that will improve their conditions. However, it is not uncommon for a defective product to find its way into the medical supplies of hospitals. If such errors are not noticed by medical staff, the consequences can be severe.

Is there a defective product among the toys you bought this year?

While the season for toy shopping is well under way, West Virginia parents may want to consider the safety of toys before purchasing them. A recent report revealed the results of a study on children treated for injuries caused by toys between 1990 and 2011. The study did not include fatalities or children who were treated at doctors' offices or private care centers. Only the cases treated at emergency departments of American hospitals were included. The numbers are staggering and translate to a child suffering injury caused by a dangerous or defective product every third minute.

Defective product may cause problems for nut allergy sufferers

Nut allergies can be extremely dangerous. It is crucial that individuals in West Virginia who have nut allergies be very careful when selecting products. Unfortunately, in some cases, a defective product containing nuts does not disclose the allergens on the ingredient statement on the product packaging.

Personal emergency systems recalled as defective product

In order to keep West Virginia consumers aware of any possible safety issues with products they may have in their homes, lists of recent recalls are often printed or announced by news agencies. Recently, a fairly long list of products recalled on a national level was released. Of the products listed, one in particular -- a personal emergency system -- sticks out as a defective product that could contribute to serious or life-threatening injuries.

Louis Garneau bicycle helmets recalled as defective product

West Virginia residents that are avid bicycle riders may be interested in learning of a recent recall. Bicycle helmets have recently been recalled by Louis Garneau. The helmets were manufactured at the beginning of 2014. The apparent defective product began selling online and in brick-and-mortar stores in January and were sold through September.

HP admits power cord is defective product, recall announced

Computers are an important part of society today. They are used in all types of industries and as supporting technology in essential infrastructures. However, sometimes computer manufacturers make mistakes when designing their product packages. This seems to be what happened with one computer firm which is now recalling its defective product amid fears that the defect could cause physical harm to customers in West Virginia and elsewhere.

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