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Spinal Cord Injuries Archives

Spinal cord injury patients may benefit from new research

Traffic accidents and work accidents are the cause of many spinal cord injuries. Unfortunately, a spinal cord injury can be catastrophic for an individual in West Virginia, as it often leads to partial or complete paralysis of a person's legs and arms. In addition, many patients struggle with spasms or involuntary contractions of their muscles, which can impair their quality of life.

Spinal cord injury often happens due to car accidents

The thought of suffering a spinal cord injury can be frightening for individuals in West Virginia. Unfortunately, it's a real nightmare for many individuals who have been injured in car accidents. In fact, about 12,000 brand-new spinal cord injury cases arise each year.

Spinal cord injury research studies outcomes for minorities

Spinal cord injuries can affect people of all ages, walks of life and backgrounds in West Virginia. New research, however, shows that ethnicity and race do have an influence on spinal cord injury patients’ outcomes. The research was published in early August.

Green tea may help to prevent spinal cord injury

People often drink green tea for many health reasons, including protection against high blood pressure and relaxing the body. However, researchers recently indicated that green tea might also help with protecting a person’s brain and reducing potential damage to the spinal cord. This research finding may be of particular interest to those with a spinal cord injury in West Virginia.

Spinal cord injury research may help victims in the future

Those suffering from spinal cord injuries in West Virginia may naturally question whether they will ever return to normal. Many of these victims struggle with issues such as incontinence as well as the loss of sensation and movement. Fortunately, a university in another state is seeking eight patients to participate in a test that may result in a new treatment for people with spinal cord injury.

Spinal cord injury can cause loss of sexual function

People who are involved in accidents that lead to spinal cord injuries may be worried about no longer having feeling in the lower part of their bodies. This can affect their ability to walk and even to have sex, which may be particularly disappointing for men in West Virginia. However, a new device may be able to restore the sexual abilities of a person who has suffered a spinal cord injury resulting in a paralysis.

Stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury causes added problems

A spinal cord injury in West Virginia can unfortunately impact a person’s ability to affect functions such as bladder control and even breathing. One woman several years ago underwent a procedure to repair her spinal cord injury. However, it was recently discovered that she had developed a mass in the area where cells were implanted as part of the procedure. This is the first occurrence of something of this nature, researchers said.

Car accident can lead to spinal cord injury in West Virginia

While many people are preoccupied with getting to work on time or meeting a tight work deadline, people with injuries to the spinal cord may be focused on simply getting their shoes tied or struggling to use the restroom. A spinal cord injury, unfortunately, can force an independent person to have to depend on family members and friends on a regular basis for his or her basic needs. These injuries can occur as a result of a major car accident in West Virginia.

Spinal cord injury damages could intensify with age

A West Virginia resident may have driven for years without a hitch only to find himself or herself involved in a bad accident that leads to debilitating injuries. Spinal cord injuries can be especially devastating, possibly causing a person to lose his or her bowel control, movement or sense of touch. New research suggests that age can actually make the damages resulting from spinal cord injury worse.

Spinal cord injury victims may benefit from horse-riding

Spinal cord injuries in West Virginia can have a major impact on an individual’s ability to live what most consider to be a normal life. Children who suffer these injuries may struggle with issues over bodily functions, such as continence. One program in another state is designed to help children to more effectively deal with a spinal cord injury by using horses.

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