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Oil, Gas And Mining Accidents

Coal mining and metal mining would be dangerous occupations even if they did not often involve hard work underground. Many serious and fatal accidents occur at the surface in hauling accidents, tree removal accidents, heavy equipment mishaps and electrocution. Underground, of course, not only is the danger of a structural collapse a significant concern, but incidents of negligence or unsafe conditions have more serious consequences.

Workers on oil and gas wells face similar dangers. When worker safety is ignored, catastrophic results can follow. For instance, Warner Law Offices recently obtained a $12 million verdict in a case against Antero Resources, the owner of close to 400 gas wells in Doddridge, Harrison, Ritchie, Tyler and Upshur counties in West Virginia.

The attorneys at Warner Law Offices work closely with oil, gas and mining professionals, occupational safety experts and specialists from a wide variety of disciplines in order to determine the cause of each accident with as much certainty as possible. We know exactly what it takes to establish liability against one or more responsible parties. We handle cases involving:

  • Gas well accidents: Gas is a dangerous substance that can cause long-lasting injuries.
  • Fracking accidents: If a fracking accident left you injured, we can fight for compensation.
  • Drilling accidents: Drilling is dangerous work that has a high risk of injury for workers.
  • Explosions: If an explosion caused burns or other injuries, you have the right to damages.
  • Metal mining injuries: Many miners face painful, expensive injuries from metal mining.
  • Surface mining accidents: Injuries from surface mining may also require extensive treatment.
  • Mining fatalities: If you lost your loved one to a wrongful death, hold the negligent party accountable.
  • Equipment injuries: Faulty or poorly maintained equipment should never cause an injury to workers.
  • Black lung disease: Employers or mining companies should pay compensation for workers with black lung.

Whether the mining accident in your case involved a truck collision at the surface, a roof collapse underground or a gas well explosion, the personal injury attorney s at Warner Law Offices will make a thorough investigation. The circumstances of many disasters point to a degree of carelessness on the part of the employer sufficient to support a claim of deliberate intent, which can make a very significant difference in your total financial recovery.

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