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Representing Sex Abuse Victims

What Can Victims Of Clergy Sex Abuse Do?

After sexual abuse ends, the painful effects linger on for many years, often for the rest of a victim’s life. A surprising number of victims do not bring legal action against their perpetrators. They are either too afraid or ashamed, and in some cases they feel helpless to fight back, especially when the abuser is some kind of authority figure like a coach, a teacher, a doctor or a priest.

At Warner Law, we are here to help. Serving clients in Charleston, West Virginia, and the surrounding areas, our attorneys have a wealth of experience representing clients who have suffered sexual abuse from people in authority. Our lawyers take a professional, compassionate approach. We will walk you through every step of your case and help you obtain compensation and closure.

Why You Should Bring A Claim

Many people avoid bringing legal claims involving child sexual harassment. But there are many reasons why you should:

  • Closure: There is a healing, life-affirming impact of hearing a judge or jury acknowledge the guilt of the person who committed these horrible crimes. For many people, this is an important step in the healing process.
  • Compensation: Although no amount of money can erase the past, financial compensation is an important aspect of obtaining a measure of closure and justice.
  • Justice: When someone commits a terrible crime like this, he should be held accountable. There is a sense of satisfaction in bringing a guilty party to justice.
  • Helping Others: In addition to helping yourself with a successful claim, you will be helping others by alerting the public to the presence of a dangerous predator.

Catholic Diocese Releases Names Of Clergy Who Have Been Accused Of Sex Abuse

In 2018, the Catholic Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston released the names of the priests and deacons who have been credibly accused of child sexual abuse. It is important to note the specific details here. The list does not include every priest who has been accused, only those who have faced credible accusations. Further, the list only goes back to 1950, before which such records were not kept. Finally, the list only involves accusations of sexual abuse to children; it does not include sexual misconduct involving other adults.

Whether or not the person who has abused you is on the list, if you have been abused, you have rights and you are not alone. Talk with an attorney from our firm right away. We will help you understand your rights and we will handle your case with compassion and skill.

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