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Need A Doctor?

Have Insurance, But Can’t Get Treatment?

Even with medical insurance, victims may still have a difficult time finding a physician. A large percentage of medical practitioners are unwilling to treat patients who have been injured, even when they have health insurance.

Warner Law Offices has handled hundreds of personal injury cases and is familiar with the medical doctors who are willing to treat accident victims. Contact Warner Law Offices today and be on your way to treatment.

No Health Insurance (Uninsured)?

Are you or a loved one worried about payment for medical services? Another major problem for people in need of health care is a lack of insurance due to unemployment or insufficient coverage. If you or a loved one is injured, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Through its in-depth personal injury work, Warner Law Offices is familiar with the medical doctors who are willing to treat accident victims without insurance.

Warner Law Offices understands that its clients do not always have the present financial ability to cover the cost of their medical bills. Therefore, Warner Law Offices offers physicians, through his or her clients, a letter of protection. The letter of protection secures the doctor’s services by assuring the doctor that he or she will be compensated for his or her services when the case is settled. These physicians are willing to wait until settlement to receive reimbursement for their services and will see you immediately without any out-of-pocket expenses. If you are experiencing problems finding a physician, contact Warner Law Offices today.

Warner Law Offices Can Help

Warner Law Offices consults with some of the best medical minds. Doctors who are focused more on their patients than on money are wonderful physicians. These doctors will not give into the pressures of insurance companies and lobbyist to not treat accident victims. These doctors care more about their profession and helping people than money.

View our Experts And Forensic Evidence page. Medical experts are a valuable tool in the legal field. It is important to get the opinion of experts when injuries are involved. These specialists offer their opinions that assist in settlements and jury trials even when some physicians refuse to get involved.

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