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Conveyor Belt Accident Litigation

If you work an assembly job, for a distribution company, in a warehouse or in a coal mine, you are probably exposed to a conveyor belt on your job. While a valuable tool, a conveyor belt can also be a source of serious injuries. When conveyor belt accidents happen, they can result in loss of limbs, lacerations and even fatalities.

Warner Law Offices has the resources to fully investigate workplace accidents involving conveyor belts and assembly lines. We hold negligent companies accountable for safety violations that contribute to worker injuries. Our goal is to obtain fair compensation for injured workers.

If you were hurt in a conveyor belt accident, contact our attorneys to schedule your free initial consultation. We can be reached locally at 304-345-6789 or toll free at 866-344-4460.

Conveyor Belt Accidents Can Be Prevented

Whatever industry you work in ― in West Virginia, it is very likely you work in the coal industry ― our attorneys can provide the legal help you need after an injury or death of a family member. We are knowledgeable about the safety standards coal mine companies, equipment manufacturers and contractors should be following. We can identify when safety measures have been overlooked or ignored.

For example, workers should not conduct repair or maintenance on a conveyor belt unless the power is off. Additionally, coal mine operators should ensure that all workers are adequately trained in conveyor belt safety.

Failure to do so can result in mining equipment accidents resulting in amputation injuries, and crush injuries leading to fatalities.

Conveyor Belt Crush Injuries

Our law firm represents workers who have sustained crush injuries as well as family members who have lost loved ones to crush injuries. When a person’s body parts are pressed between two objects, bruising, bleeding, fractures, muscle damage, blood vessel damage and death can occur.

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