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No matter the cause, a serious or catastrophic injury can change your life. You will likely need extensive and costly medical treatment, as well as ongoing and follow-up care. You may need to take several weeks or even a few months off work to heal. In severe cases, you may be left with permanent disabilities that affect your ability to go back to work at all. You need the money to pay for your medical care, time off work, and much more

Handling All Types of Personal Injury Cases in West Virginia

When the cause of your injury was someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, however, you deserve even more than money—you deserve justice.

At Warner Law Offices, PLLC in Charleston, West Virginia, our personal injury lawyers have the skill and experience to help you pursue financial compensation and fight to hold the negligent parties accountable for their actions. We are here to guide you through the legal system and make the process as easy as possible for you.

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Cases We Handle

Our West Virginia personal injury attorneys handle all types of cases, including those that result in the following types of injuries:

We also assist the surviving family members of those who die due to their injuries, helping them seek justice and recovery by filing wrongful death lawsuits.

Regardless of the severity of your injury or how it occurred, our firm is ready to help. We work with a team of specialists—including forensic experts, liability experts, damages experts, and others—to fully investigate and litigate our clients’ claims. We can evaluate the full extent of your injuries and damages and help you pursue maximum compensation.

Helping You Obtain the Medical Care You Need

In addition to fighting for justice on behalf of our clients, we also work hard to connect them with the right medical professionals. Even if you need a doctor but do not have health insurance, we can help. We are often able to offer physicians a letter of protection that assures them of payment once the personal injury case is settled. This means that you can avoid any out-of-pocket expenses while receiving immediate medical treatment.

Have Insurance, But Can’t Get Treatment?

Even with medical insurance, victims may still have a difficult time finding a physician. A large percentage of medical practitioners are unwilling to treat patients who have been injured, even when they have health insurance.

If you have health insurance but your insurance company is refusing to cover your claim, we can be of assistance. We have significant experience with unfair insurance practices and know how to effectively interact with insurance providers to get clients the benefits they paid for. Warner Law Offices, PLLC has handled hundreds of personal injury cases and is familiar with the medical doctors who are willing to treat accident victims. To learn more, contact us today and request a free initial consultation with one of our West Virginia personal injury lawyers.

Getting Treatment Without Health Insurance

Are you or a loved one worried about payment for medical services? Another major problem for people in need of health care is a lack of insurance due to unemployment or insufficient coverage. If you or a loved one is injured, it is important to seek medical attention immediately, regardless of whether you have health insurance. Do not avoid seeing a doctor or receiving care if you are uninsured; remember, your health and continued well-being are of the utmost importance.

If you need medical treatment or have already received care but do not have health insurance, Warner Law Offices, PLLC can help. Through our in-depth personal injury work, we are familiar with the medical doctors who are willing to treat accident victims without insurance.

We understand that our clients do not always have the present financial ability to cover the cost of their medical bills. Because of this, we offer physicians a letter of protection. The letter of protection secures the doctor’s services by assuring the doctor that he or she will be compensated for his or her services when the case is settled. These physicians are willing to wait until settlement to receive reimbursement for their services and will see you immediately without any out-of-pocket expenses. If you are experiencing problems finding a physician, contact Warner Law Offices, PLLC today.

Serious Representation for Serious Injuries

Warner Law Offices, PLLC consults with some of the best medical minds, including doctors who are focused more on their patients and their recoveries than on money. These doctors will not give into the pressures of insurance companies and lobbyist to not treat accident victims. These doctors care more about their profession and helping people than money.

We can help connect you with the right physician, even if you do not have health insurance or are having trouble getting treatment. No matter how serious your injuries may be, our team is here to help you get back on your feet. We know that the future can seem uncertain, which is why we are here to answer your questions and guide you through the legal process.

We do not charge any fees unless/until we win your case. That means you owe nothing when you hire our firm until we recover a settlement or verdict for you. There is absolutely zero risk in speaking to a member of our legal team about your injuries and potential personal injury case today.

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