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Several signs of physical abuse, emotional abuse exist

A recent survey showed that more than 40 percent of residents in nursing homes suffer mistreatment. Unfortunately, nursing abuse -- whether it is physical abuse or emotional abuse, for example -- is not always easy to pinpoint in West Virginia and elsewhere. However, here are a few abuse signs for which to be on the lookout.

Examples of physical abuse include slapping, pushing, hitting and illegal restraining or confinement for no reason. Signs that this type of abuse is taking place include negative behavior changes, depression, bruising and scratches. If a relative in a nursing home begins to have unexplained bruises, it may be a wise move to ask the nursing staff what caused these bruises.

Laptop battery packs are recently recalled dangerous products

Laptop users in West Virginia may be affected by a product recall recently issued by information technology company HP. Company officials reported that several HP laptop batteries are dangerous products because they feature defects that put consumers at risk of suffering injuries in fires. Over 78,000 laptop batteries are part of the recent recall.

This is the second time since the start of 2019 that HP has recalled problematic laptop battery packs. The first battery pack recall took place in January, when the company recalled about 50,000 of these devices. The problem with both sets of recalled batteries is that they may overheat and therefore catch fire.

Traumatic brain injury receiving increased attention in March

Injuries to the brain can unfortunately take a toll on a person, both physically and emotionally, in West Virginia and elsewhere. Fortunately, March happens to be Brain Injury Awareness Month -- a month where more attention is typically paid to traumatic brain injury. Here is a look at what this type of injury involves.

According to experts, two people's brain injuries are never alike. As a result, treatments differ among patients based on the injury's severity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that more than two million people suffer traumatic brain injuries each year, and of these individuals, 52,000 end up passing away.

Major injuries may stem from slip-and-fall accidents

A consumer in a different state recently asserted that she suffered injuries at Walmart store due to the store's negligence. She filed a lawsuit against Walmart, seeking a judgment for monetary damages. Likewise, people in West Virginia who are injured in slip-and-fall accidents stemming from property owners' carelessness have the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

The woman involved in the recent slip-and-fall accident case asserted that she was walking in Walmart's laundry detergent aisle when the accident happened. She reportedly stepped in wet debris. This allegedly caused the woman to fall, and she ended up bending her knee backward and twisting it.

Parents: If You Don't Buckle Up, Your Kids Probably Won't

Most of us know what the saying "The acorn doesn't fall from the tree means," and it seems to apply to many things including the habit of buckling a seatbelt. Studies have shown that parents who don't buckle their seatbelts are less likely to encourage their children to buckle up, and as those kids grow up, the habit of not buckling up while driving and riding in a car seems to stick.

Studies have also shown that, simply put, seatbelts save lives. If you're a parent who is in the habit of not buckling up yourself or your children before heading off to school, errands, or the big game, you may want to reconsider this potentially dangerous habit. It really just takes a few seconds to fasten a seatbelt, and a bit longer to ensure young children are securely fastened into their seats in the back seat of the car. Just taking a few extra moments before starting out on your trip may just save the life of someone you love.

West Virginia car accident claims 1 life, causes 1 injury

A woman's life has been cut short as a result of a tragic motor vehicle wreck in West Virginia. Now, her surviving family members are left to grieve and question how the accident could have happened. A man was also injured in the car accident.

The car crash took place on a recent Monday at 4 p.m. along United States Route 119. Police said the crash was a T-bone type of collision. The woman who passed away in the collision was 27 years old.

Dangerous products include Target toddler boots

Consumers in West Virginia -- specifically, the parents or grandparents of young children -- may be impacted by a recent recall of toddler boots. Specifically, Target has decided to recall its Cat & Jack Unicorn boots. According to Target, the boots -- specifically known as Chiara boots -- are dangerous products because they can cause young children to choke.

Target's boot recall covers around 33,600 boot units. The boots being recalled are between sizes 5 and 13, as well as size 1. According to federal officials' recall notice, the boot features a unicorn horn that can detach and thus pose a choking hazard.

Nursing home residents' death may stem from falls

A nursing home in another state has faced accusations during the past couple of years that it caused an elderly female resident to die in a fall. However, the nursing home recently agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by the deceased woman's daughter by paying the deceased woman's estate a million dollars. Likewise, any individuals in West Virginia who lose loved ones due to falls in nursing homes have the right to take legal action if the falls resulted from the nursing facilities' negligence.

In the out-of-state case, the daughter of the woman who died filed a lawsuit against the nursing home in 2017. According to the suit, the elderly woman, who struggled with dementia, ended up dying due to blunt force trauma to the head. She had apparently fallen more than 20 times at the nursing home.

Spinal cord injury patients may find hope in 3-D implants

Losing motor function due to spinal injuries is understandably devastating. However, researchers have good news for spinal cord injury patients in West Virginia and elsewhere. Three-dimensional, or 3-D, implants may one day restore these patients' motor functions and neural connections.

Neuroscientists and engineers have been working together to develop these implants, which are designed to guide brand-new nerve cells in growing across the area where a patient's spinal cord is severed. So far, their research has shown great promise in severely injured rats. These implants can be quickly printed in 3-D and come in various shapes and sizes. This makes them easy to customize to fit a patient's anatomy.

Warner Law Offices Represents Couple After Tractor Trailer Accident

A Kanawha County couple is suing tractor trailer operators, citing alleged negligence.

The plaintiffs filed a complaint in Mason Circuit Court against Putnam Transport LLC and the driver of the tractor trailer, alleging that Putnam Transport negligently maintained its tractor trailer and allowed it to be operated on the public roadways in West Virginia.


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