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Alleged surgical errors spark lawsuit related to wire in body

A man located in a different state recently asserted that a surgeon had failed to remove a wire from his body before sending him home from his procedure more than a decade ago. The man is now seeking to hold the surgeon accountable at a civil court trial. In the same way, individuals in West Virginia who suffer harm as a result of surgical errors can pursue monetary damages for their injuries.

The man who sued the surgeon for not removing a wire from his body asserted that the placement of the wire occurred during an angioplasty. Apparently, the wire was needed to guide a catheter in his body. Once the heart procedure was over, both the wire and the catheter should have been removed, but the wire was reportedly left in the man's body.

Slip-and-fall accidents may occur at fast-food eateries

A woman in another state recently claimed that she suffered injuries at a McDonald's restaurant due to the staff's carelessness. She has thus filed a lawsuit against the fast-food eatery, seeking damages. In the same way, customers in West Virginia who suffer injuries in slip-and-fall accidents or other types of accidents at businesses due to property owners' carelessness have the right to seek damages in civil court.

In the recent out-of-state case, the woman claimed that she was at the McDonald's restaurant back in April. All of a sudden, she reportedly stepped on a wet floor and fell. The alleged fall caused her to suffer permanent and severe injuries.

Car wreck involving semi-truck claims 1 life, causes 1 injury

A teenage boy has sadly lost his life in a tragic car crash in West Virginia. His sister also suffered injuries in the motor vehicle crash. The car wreck, which involved a semi-truck, took place on a recent Tuesday morning along State Route 152.

The accident took place at a little before 9 a.m. It occurred along a stretch of road that is relatively straight before curving sharply. According to authorities, the boy, a 16-year-old varsity basketball and football player, passed away in the collision between the semi-truck and the sport utility vehicle he was driving.

Car accident involving semi claims 1 life, causes 9 injuries

A man has lost his life in a tragic motor vehicle crash in West Virginia. Meanwhile, nine people suffered injuries in the car accident. A semi-truck driver reportedly caused the accident, which involved five vehicles total.

The recent collision took place on a Saturday. According to authorities, the accident happened when a semi did not slow down while traveling north along United States Highway 340. The truck ended up pushing multiple motor vehicles into one another as a result.

Specific exercises may help spinal cord injury victims

Life can quickly change following an injury to a person's spinal cord. For example, daily tasks such as getting dressed can become difficult. However, specific exercises may help spinal cord injury victims in West Virginia to boost their function.

People with injuries that are higher up may want to complete exercises that focus on increasing the strength and flexibility of the shoulders. These types of exercises can help patients to avoid shoulder injuries as they adjust to using wheelchairs or walkers, if needed. Exercises for the upper body, like rows, lifts and the chest press, can be performed without necessarily having to stand.

Recalled dangerous products include chests

Individuals in West Virginia and elsewhere who purchased furniture online during the past 10 years may be impacted by a recent recall of chests sold, made by South Shore Furniture. According to officials, these chests are dangerous products because they can easily tip over. Over 300,000 of these furniture pieces are being recalled.

Safety commission officials recently reported that the furniture company's chests are not stable if their owners fail to properly anchor them to their walls. As a result, the chests could fall over and entrap children. This can, in turn, lead to children's injuries or deaths.

Car accident leads to 1 death, 2 serious injuries

One person has passed away in a tragic motor vehicle collision in West Virginia. Meanwhile, two other people were injured in the Friday morning collision. Sometimes, this type of car accident is the result of a driver's carelessness, which is grounds for litigation.

According to police, a woman, 53, was driving a car east on a road. All of a sudden, her motor vehicle went over the road's double line. Unfortunately, it ended up crashing into a pickup truck that a man, 39, was driving.

Traumatic brain injury heavily linked to car crashes

Research shows that car collisions remain the top cause of visits to the emergency room, hospital stays and deaths tied to head injuries for people between 15 and 34 years of age. Traumatic brain injury in particular constitutes around 30% of injury-related deaths across the United States. However, diagnosing and treating this type of injury is essential for preventing such deaths in West Virginia and elsewhere.

Over the past several years, not much research has been done on the connection between motor vehicle collisions and traumatic brain injury. Instead, researchers have focused on the connection between brain injury and military or American football participation. However, a laboratory recently created a portion of a method for assessing the likelihood of traumatic brain injury based on car wreck conditions -- for example, impact angle and velocity.

Slip-and-fall accidents may lead to significant physical injury

A couple in another state recently claimed that an eatery there caused the husband to suffer injuries on the premises due to the restaurant's negligence. They have thus decided to file a premises liability lawsuit against the company. Likewise, those in West Virginia who are hurt in accidents, such as slip-and-fall accidents, resulting from businesses' carelessness have the right to take legal action.

In the out-of-state case, the couple claimed that they went to the eatery back in May 2018. During their visit, the husband decided to use a self-serve drink area to refill his beverage before returning to his seat. However, after taking a couple of steps, he allegedly slipped on a wet floor and fell down.

Auto defects spark recall of Ford pickup trucks

Some West Virginians may be driving Ford pickup trucks that authorities say are dangerous to operate due to an engine-block heater issue. Officials recently recalled over 130,000 trucks with the goal of repairing their components. These components might have been damaged due to another recall that was made to repair auto defects.

Back in Dec. 2018, more than 410,000 Ford pickup trucks were recalled due to a fire risk associated with the engine-block heater. Contaminants and water were able to enter the connector for the block heater cable, leading to corrosion. Unfortunately, the connectors may have been damaged further when they were inspected as part of this recall, and this has sparked the most recent recall.

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