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Surgical errors by oral surgeon lead to $2 million settlement

A teenage girl in another state sadly passed away following oral surgery. However, her family recently achieved the settlement of a lawsuit they filed against her oral surgeon after her death. The lawsuit was settled for $2 million. Likewise, those who are victims of surgical errors in West Virginia have the right to seek justice through civil litigation.

The 17-year-old girl's family filed the lawsuit back in January. According to the suit, an oral surgeon's dangerous and negligent actions in 2015 resulted in the teen's death just days later. The surgeon is accused of improperly administering general anesthesia as well as not monitoring the girl during her surgery.

Platooning Trucks are Hitting the Highway

Truck industry executives are furthering the advance of driver-assistance technology--called platooning--rather than promoting driverless trucks, says Daimler Trucks North America CEO, Roger Nielsen, speaking at a press conference at the American Trucking Association Management Conference and Exhibition, according to Transport Topics.

Platooning--defined as two semi-autonomous trucks moving as one unit, separated by a distance of 30 to 50 feet--combines safety systems with vehicle communication that allows a pair of trucks to travel down the highway in an aerodynamic formation, conserving fuel and enhancing safety, Nielson says.

Fans of bike racing and NASCAR understand the concept of getting into someone else's slipstream, Ashely Halsey III writes in The Washington Post.

"Whether in spandex or NASCAR fire-retardant suits, racers know they can save energy and fuel by tucking close behind another rider or race car," Halsey writes.


Dangerous household products involve 2 separate brands of chairs

A couple of chair-related product recalls may not sit well with consumers in West Virginia. The first recall involves defective outdoor chairs. Meanwhile, the second recall of dangerous household products involves rocking chairs.

Regarding the outdoor chairs, around 2,600 Girona dining chairs made of wood have been recalled because they may cause customers to fall. The problem is that the base has the potential to separate from the back of the chair. So far, three reports regarding a joint separation between the chair seat and back have been made, and there have been two reports about display chairs collapsing in stores while customers were using them. The two customers claimed they received minor bruises and cuts as a result of their falls.

Spinal cord injury patients may benefit from stem cell growth

Many illnesses can be addressed with the use of stem cells. Likewise, stem cells may help those suffering from spinal cord injury in West Virginia and elsewhere. However, growing a large number of these cells has proved challenging over the years. Fortunately, thanks to scientific developments, making these cells is starting to become easier.

Up to now, scientists could not effectively or efficiently grow many stem cells while also keeping them regenerative, which has prevented them from producing more therapies. This problem existed because the two-dimensional surfaces that have been used for stem cell growth are not sufficient for cultivating large quantities. However, researchers discovered a way in which to develop more cells in tinier spaces: allow the cells to develop in a three-dimensional stack.

Plastic dishes, night lights are dangerous products

A couple of product recalls recently issued may affect parents in West Virginia. The first recall involves Playtex bowls and plates for children. The dangerous products involved in the second recall are nightlights from Skip Hop.

Approximately 3.6 million of the children's dishes have been recalled. The plates feature various designs, such as superheroes, princesses, giraffes, construction scenes and cars. Officials said the plastic that lies on top of the graphics may bubble or peel, potentially causing children to choke. So far, over 370 instances of peeling and bubbling have been reported, with four children having already choked on the plastic. The defective items were sold at stores such as Walmart, Target and Babies "R" Us between Oct. 2009 and Oct. 2017.

Medication errors may lead to permanent damage

A jury in another state recently returned a verdict that awarded a woman $12 million as part of a medical malpractice suit filed against a university health network. The woman is in a vegetative state reportedly due to medication errors. Anyone in West Virginia who suffers harm due to a medical provider's failure to provide him or her with the proper medication has the right to take legal action.

In the out-of-state case, the woman, who was using the blood thinner drug Coumadin and had issues with seizures, visited the emergency room multiple times due to a health problem. She was typically given plasma or a Vitamin K shot and then released. However, one time, a new doctor gave her a drug known as Profilnine.

Technology can help to check for traumatic brain injury

Brain injuries can easily happen due to a fall or a car accident in West Virginia, for example. Unfortunately, these types of injuries can have long-lasting impacts on one's quality of life. However, a brand-new device may make it possible to check for traumatic brain injury, including bleeds and concussions, in less than one hour.

Medical experts in another state are currently using this new technology, called Brainscope One. It features a headset that is disposable, which is linked to a smartphone. The patient essentially plays phone games that are centered on cognition to determine if there is any abnormal activity in the patient's brain.

Marshall Recognized as a Top 25 Mass Torts Lawyer

Lynnette Simon Marshall has recently been inducted into the The National Trial Lawyers: Top 25 Mass Tort Lawyers Association.

Lynnette was chosen to receive this honor based upon her reputation among her peers and the public in the Mass Torts community. She has also demonstrated superior qualifications as a plaintiff trial lawyer. She combines her resources, power and influence into formidable forces to preserve and protect the rights of her clients.

Car crash leads to 5 injuries

Five people have suffered injuries in a car wreck in West Virginia. The two-vehicle accident took place on a recent Wednesday. Police said speeding was a causal factor in the car crash.

The car wreck occurred at just before 9:30 p.m. According to police, the driver of one of the two cars was attempting to pass the other car. This driver was apparently going up to 80 miles per hour.

Starling Crossing: The First Smart Pedestrian Crossing System is Unveiled in London

Improving the antiquated U.S. pedestrian crossing systems dating back to the 1940's, London-based software company Umbrellium has introduced the first "smart" pedestrian crossing technology, called The Starling Crossing, for Stigmergy Adaptive Responsive Learning Crossing.

Stigmergy, according to Wikipedia is:

"The principle is that the trace left in the environment by an action stimulates the performance of a next action, by the same or a different agent.

"In that way, subsequent actions tend to reinforce and build on each other, leading to the spontaneous emergence of coherent, apparently systematic activity."

The stigmergy-inspired project, commissioned by the insurance company, The Direct Line, is a 72-foot-long streetscape that "reacts dynamically in real-time to different conditions and is able to differentiate between cars, cyclists and pedestrians," Umbrellium says in their company literature.

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