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AI may help with identifying dangerous products early on

Goods in West Virginia and elsewhere may unfortunately have defects that can cause consumers serious injuries. Fortunately, though, technology may make it easier to spot issues with products in the future. According to experts, artificial intelligence (AI) in particular may help with identifying dangerous products.

Researchers at a university have developed an AI program that is capable of identifying items that are still on store shelves but may need to be recalled. This program is based in part on customer reviews on Amazon. This is not a far cry from what health departments throughout the United States are already doing: they are using Google, Yelp and Twitter data to monitor foodborne illnesses.

Alleged surgical errors lead to multimillion-dollar lawsuit

A doctor in another state has been accused of botching a patient's operation. In light of the alleged surgical errors, the patient has decided to sue the doctor for about $3.9 million. Likewise, patients in West Virginia who are harmed due to a surgeon's negligence have the right to seek financial damages through the civil court system.

In the recent out-of-state case, the patient claimed that a gastroenterologist cut her during a surgery in 2014. However, he reportedly cut her in such a way that body fluids that were poisonous ended up flowing onto and into her organs. The woman and her husband asserted that, after the incident, other physicians did not properly diagnose the issue and treat it accordingly. In fact, the other doctors are accused of covering up the gastroenterologist's negligence.

Nanoparticles may help spinal cord injury patients

Injury to the spine can unfortunately have a negative impact on a person's quality of life in West Virginia. However, a new university research study recently revealed that nanoparticle treatments may help to reduce the damage caused by a spinal cord injury. This may be exciting news for many victims of car crashes and other accidents leading to spinal cord injuries.

When a person's body experiences trauma, the body's immune cells go to the area that has been damaged to begin the process of healing. However, this leads to inflammation, which ends up killing neurons and results in scarring. This scarring, in turn, prevents regeneration from happening, and as a result, function is lost below the injury site.

Auto defects in Subaru Legacy and Outback models spark recall

Motor vehicle owners in West Virginia may be affected by a recent recall of a handful of Subaru automobiles. Specifically, Subaru Outback vehicles from the 2019 model year are being recalled due to auto defects. Subaru's Legacy, the Outback's sedan cousin, is also part of the recent recall.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Subaru decided to recall more than 2,100 Legacy and Outback models. Both models feature the same type of skeleton, or structure, and are generated at the same facility. The problem with the skeleton is that it features defective spot welds in the duct area underneath the cowl panel.

Slip-and-fall accidents may lead to multimillion-dollar awards

A woman in another state recently received a nearly $2 million award after suffering injuries at a convenient store. The injuries stemmed from a slip-and-fall accident at the shop. Individuals in West Virginia who suffer injuries in slip-and-fall accidents can likewise seek monetary damages for their injuries through the civil court system.

In the out-of-state case, the 47-year-old woman went to the convenience store to purchase soda back in Dec. 2016. She stepped into a water puddle that had accumulated around an ice and beer bin. The fall caused the woman to suffer severe injuries, including herniated discs and a torn rotator cuff. She then filed a lawsuit against the convenience store.

Recalled bakery products deemed dangerous products

Consumers in West Virginia may be impacted by a recent recall of hot dog and hamburger buns, as well as other bakery products, nationwide. The products being recalled are from the company Flower Foods, Inc. The company has described them as dangerous products because hard plastic might have gotten into them while they were being produced.

According to Flowers Foods, the small plastic pieces present in some buns and bakery products pose a choking hazard for consumers. West Virginia is one of numerous states, including many in the South and Midwest, that are impacted by the company's voluntary recall. The products were sold in a variety of supermarkets and under different brand names.

Traumatic brain injury victims may benefit from innovations

An injury to the brain is the result of a forceful impact to the head. Unfortunately, this type of injury -- called a traumatic brain injury -- can easily alter a West Virginian's life. For instance, it can cause physical, behavioral and cognitive issues. Fortunately, though, various innovations aimed at tackling brain injuries are giving hope to injury victims.

Research shows that nearly three million individuals each year suffer a brain injury. Over 55,000 with brain injuries pass away each year, and many live with permanent disabilities. The good news is that even though there is still much to learn about brain health, an increasing number of therapies are proving to be helpful in addressing brain injuries.

Car wreck leads to 1 death, 3 injuries

A woman recently lost her life in a tragic motor vehicle crash in West Virginia. In addition, three other individuals suffered injuries in the collision. The car wreck took place on a Monday night when police said a car driver collided with a parked car.

The recent accident occurred at a little past 9 p.m. According to authorities, four people were riding in a car when the driver ran into another car that was parked in a parking lot. The car that was struck was not occupied at the time of the accident. However, the car that collided with the parked motor vehicle ended up catching fire as a result of the impact.

Man's death in nursing home blamed on malnutrition, bed sores

A man in another state was recently accused of dying due to receiving inadequate care at a nursing home. In fact, his family has decided to file a lawsuit against the nursing facility, alleging that malnutrition and bed sores, among other issues, contributed to his demise. In the same manner, anyone in West Virginia who loses a loved one due to the negligence of a nursing facility has the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

In the recent out-of-state case, the man who died had reportedly been taken to the nursing facility for rehabilitation and physical therapy after receiving treatment in a hospital for dehydration, low blood sodium and gastrointestinal tract bleeding. However, he allegedly ended up suffering several falls over the course of a few months at the nursing home. In addition, he reportedly lost 50 pounds while there due to malnutrition.

Alleged surgical errors spark lawsuit related to wire in body

A man located in a different state recently asserted that a surgeon had failed to remove a wire from his body before sending him home from his procedure more than a decade ago. The man is now seeking to hold the surgeon accountable at a civil court trial. In the same way, individuals in West Virginia who suffer harm as a result of surgical errors can pursue monetary damages for their injuries.

The man who sued the surgeon for not removing a wire from his body asserted that the placement of the wire occurred during an angioplasty. Apparently, the wire was needed to guide a catheter in his body. Once the heart procedure was over, both the wire and the catheter should have been removed, but the wire was reportedly left in the man's body.

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