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Trip-and-fall, slip-and-fall accidents common at businesses

A woman in another state recently claimed that she was injured in a trip-and-fall accident while at a casino. She has filed a lawsuit against the casino, alleging that its negligence caused her injury. In the same manner, customers in West Virginia who suffer injuries in trip-and-fall or slip-and-fall accidents stemming from business property owners' carelessness have the right to take legal action to right any wrongs that have been committed.

In the recent out-of-state case, the woman claimed that she was at the casino on July Fourth of last year. However, she suddenly tripped and ended up falling at the casino. Apparently, a hole on the casino grounds had reportedly caused her to trip and fall.

Respiratory issues may plague some spinal cord injury victims

Injuries to the spine can unfortunately have negative long-term impacts on a patient in West Virginia. For instance, some spinal cord injury patients who become paralyzed end up having to breathe with ventilators. However, researchers recently discovered that lab-grown neural cells may one day enable these patients to breathe without their ventilators' help.

As part of their study, researchers from a couple of universities transplanted a particular neural cell class -- known as V2a interneurons -- into rodents that were suffering from spinal cord injuries. They found from their research that the rodents ended up improving in their respiratory function. This was the first study to show V2a interneurons contributing to the spinal cord's ability to repair itself to some degree.

Slip-and-fall accidents may occur on ice outside of businesses

A man in another state recently claimed that he was injured at a McDonald's eatery due to the management's carelessness. He has thus filed a lawsuit against the company's operator. Likewise, if injury-causing slip-and-fall accidents occur at businesses in West Virginia due to the companies' negligence, those injured in the accidents have the right to seek to hold these establishments accountable through the civil court system.

In the recent out-of-state case, the man asserted that he was at the restaurant one day in January and ended up slipping and falling on ice there. The ice was apparently located on a sidewalk outside of the eatery. The slip-and-fall accident reportedly caused the man to suffer permanent and serious injuries to the head and neck area.

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents - Failure to Check Blind Spots before Backing Up

Visibility is vital when operating any type of vehicle if you want to avoid a collision. However, there are various blind spots that drivers have to deal with every day. Blind spots are particularly dangerous when you are backing up your vehicle - whether you are in a parking lot, your driveway or on the road.

Brain injury may lead to mental health problems

Injuries to the brain can easily happen as a result of serious accidents, such as motor vehicle collisions, in West Virginia. However, these injuries leave more than just physical scars. Research shows that a brain injury can also affect a person's mental health long term.

Scientists have long recognized that brain injuries can cause possibly dangerous side effects, including dizziness, blurred vision and confusion. However, not much attention has gone to the fact that these types of injuries can also cause people's emotions to change. In fact, those who suffer from traumatic brain injuries often develop anxiety and depression as they recover from their injuries.

Dangerous products include Lorex video monitors

Some consumers in West Virginia might be impacted by a recent product recall involving surveillance video monitors. Specifically, the company Lorex has decided to recall around 22,000 monitors. According to authorities, these monitors are dangerous products because they have the potential to cause burns.

Officials at Lorex said that the batteries in the recalled monitors may overheat and then swell and expand. This may, in turn, cause the cover of the battery compartment to open, therefore exposing hot batteries. The hot batteries may then lead to consumer burns.

Most likely injuries in a motorcycle accident

Summer is the time of year when motorcycle enthusiasts in West Virginia bring their bikes out from winter storage and take to the open roads. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it takes more coordination and skill to operate a bike than what is required for driving a vehicle. Furthermore, motorcycle riders must dress to make themselves more visible, and learn to drive defensively. According to the NHTSA, eight in 10 motorcycle accident victims suffer severe injuries or death.

Bikers have none of the protections offered to motorists, and nothing will stop them from making contact with the road surface in the event of an accident. Depending on the level of protective gear worn, skin damage can occur. First-degree road rash appears as only a red skin, while a broken skin with intact inner layers is classified as a second-degree rash. However, immediate medical attention is required for third-degree road rash in which the outer layer of the skin is so damaged that inner layers of fat and tissue are exposed.

Car accident leads to 3 injuries

A single-car crash has sadly caused three people in West Virginia to be injured. The car accident took place on a recent Wednesday. Sometimes, these types of car wrecks happen due to the carelessness of a driver, in which case, the driver may be held accountable for any injuries or deaths that occur.

The recent car crash occurred at about 3:18 p.m. According to police, an automobile suddenly ran off the road. It then crashed into an embankment.

Failure to diagnose pertussis leads to $4M malpractice award

A woman in another state claimed in 2016 that doctors did not correctly assess her baby's health condition. Their alleged failure to diagnose the baby's pertussis -- a mistake that can easily impact patients in West Virginia and elsewhere as well -- ultimately led to her death. After filing a medical malpractice claim against their medical practice, the woman recently received an award of $4 million for her child's death.

A jury agreed with the woman that the doctors should have diagnosed and quickly treated the baby's pertussis-related complications. Pertussis is a common medical problem that affects children and also goes by the name of whooping cough. In her civil complaint, the woman contended that she had asked physicians at several visits to test her baby, as she had also been experiencing similar symptoms. However, her requests were ignored.

15-Passenger Van Safety

Whether to drive children to daycare, older people to senior citizen events, athletic teams to sporting events, employees in work carpools, congregants to and from their house of worship, or teenagers to youth programs, 15-passenger vans are in high demand and are prevalent on our Nation's roads. However, these cumbersome vehicles can pose a safety risk to inexperienced van drivers and other road users.


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