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If you or a family member have been injured in a bike accident, the attorneys at Warner Law Offices, PLLC can help. We represent bikers who are injured in collisions involving trucks, cars, and other types of motor vehicles. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Were You Hurt While Riding Your Bike?

When the driver of a car or truck fails to yield to a bicyclist, it is the person on the bike who suffers a serious injury. Sadly, the person on the bike is often a child.

Bicyclists have the same rights as drivers of motor vehicles. Many accidents occur not because the biker did anything wrong, but because the driver of the four-wheeled vehicle failed to follow the rules of the road.

The following are examples of negligence that can make a driver liable in an accident involving a bike:

  • Failure to yield to a bike at an intersection
  • Rear-ending a bike
  • Opening the door of a parked car in front of a bike (also known as dooring)
  • Clipping a bike when passing
  • Hitting a bike in a bike lane
  • Hitting a bike in a school zone or playground area where drivers should be watchful for children entering the roadway

Even if the accident was partially your fault, you can still recover compensation if you were not 50% or more at fault.

West Virginia Bicycle Laws

Helmet Laws

Children under the age of 15 are required to wear helmets. If your child wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, you may be wondering whether you can still file a personal injury claim. There is actually nothing in effect that would cause this to be factored in to any damages awarded. It does not classify as contributory negligence.

Other Bicycle Laws

Cyclists and drivers have similar responsibilities on the road. However, cyclists must also:

  • Use a seat that is permanent and attached
  • Carry the number of people on it that it was intended for
  • Remain unattached to any vehicles
  • Travel in the bike lane or as close to the right hand side as possible, with exceptions being made for passing, turning, or avoiding a hazard
  • Avoid carrying anything on handlebars that can prevent proper steering
  • Use a bright light (with certain specifications) at night on the front of their bike and a red reflector on the back

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Our first goal in any accident case is to help you receive the best medical care to make the fullest possible recovery. Secondly, we will seek maximum compensation from the party responsible for the accident.

Our attorneys are known for our sensitive and caring approach to representing injured children. We often negotiate structured settlements, which can help ensure that money is there for your child’s future needs.

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