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The Skilled Attorneys You Need After A Motor Vehicle Accident

If you or someone in your family has been injured in a serious car wreck, talk with an experienced personal injury attorney at the Warner Law Offices. Our prompt and professional service is designed to make sure that all of your damages claims are investigated, documented and presented for payment against the driver at fault or anyone else who can be held accountable for your injuries. Our attorneys serve clients in motor vehicle collisions of all kinds, ranging from car accidents in town that involve pedestrians or bicycle riders, to highway accidents with motorcycles, commercial vehicles, semitrucks and SUVs, as well as private passenger cars.

We Prepare Every Case For Trial

Because we take a variety of personal injury cases to trial, we work hard to preserve evidence, identify and interview witnesses and get expert support to describe and explain your injury claims. Typically, we do settle the majority of auto cases for a fair value.

However, we never assume that a satisfactory settlement can be reached with an insurance company shortly after the accident. Our thorough preparation protects your interests at trial if we cannot resolve your claim on favorable terms. At Warner Law Offices, our auto accident clients are never forced to split the difference with an insurance company because we missed an opportunity to document your claims correctly for presentation at trial.

Underinsured? Uninsured? We Can Help You.

We also handle cases involving underinsured or uninsured drivers, hit-and-run accidents, drunk drivers and car accidents that result in severe or disabling injuries. We also know how to find additional defendants in many situations so that the limits of the other driver’s insurance coverage will not necessarily represent the high end of what you can expect to recover.

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