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Fighting For Full Compensation After A Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle collisions can have life-altering results. While it is common for victims of auto accidents to suffer injuries involving broken bones, motorcycle accident victims often suffer from injuries far more severe, such as spinal cord injuries or head injuries. These individuals will have significant financial needs immediately following the accident and well into their future.

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, or if a loved one has died in a motorcycle crash, contact our attorneys at Warner Law Offices. Our firm has obtained millions of dollars in compensation for victims of serious accidents, and we are ready to take your case. We maintain offices in Charleston, Bridgeport and Denver, offering aggressive personal injury representation throughout West Virginia and Colorado.

Ready To Challenge Insurance Providers

It’s a myth that bikers are usually responsible for causing motorcycle accidents. In reality, motorcycle wrecks are often caused by other drivers who don’t see bikers until it is too late. Insurance companies overlook bikers too. Insurance representatives will try to shift blame from the negligent driver to the motorcyclist, so the insurer can avoid paying out a settlement.

Our lawyers are ready to hold insurance providers responsible for fulfilling the policy terms in your contract. We know how to use the law to even the playing field so that you receive the justice and compensation you deserve. If you have retained us to address your personal injury claim, we will help you resolve your motorcycle damage claim at no cost. Allow us to handle all the legal matters associated with your case from beginning to end so that you can focus on your recovery.

We Customize Our Approach According To Your Situation

Our attorneys are determined to obtain the full compensation our clients will require for medical expenses, loss of income and future long-term care needs. We work with forensic experts, medical professionals and other specialists to demonstrate the full impact of the motorcycle injury as well as the cost associated with current and future needs.

When representing clients in a wrongful death claim, we use the necessary resources to prove the financial impact on the family.

Our law firm is experienced handling all types of motorcycle accidents, including accidents involving:

  • Dirt bike crashes
  • Motorcycle accidents caused by other inattentive drivers
  • Motorcycle wrecks caused by defective auto parts
  • Highway motorcycle accidents

Whether we represent your interests in negotiations or in court, we will customize our approach according to the unique circumstances of your case. Our tailored strategies are just one reason we get results for our clients. Contact us to learn about the other benefits you’ll receive when you partner with us.

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