Motorcycle Accident May Lead to Severe Injuries, Death

A car and a motorcycle involved in an accident

Motorcycle accidents in West Virginia can be life-altering, leaving a person with both physical and emotional scars. A motorcycle accident often leads to injuries, such as broken bones and road rash. Because of the high level of danger associated with these types of accidents, bikers can easily suffer from even more severe injuries, such as head injuries or spinal cord injuries. Sadly, they could even end up losing their lives.

Motorcycle accidents include dirt bike collisions as well as highway motorcycle wrecks. Sometimes, these accidents are caused by defective parts. Inattentive drivers are also responsible for a great number of collisions.

Many people involved in motorcycle crashes end up in comas for months. These victims have major monetary needs not only immediately following the bike crash but also for years into the future. An experienced personal injury attorney can help accident victims pursue claims for the full compensation they need for their medical expenses and long-term care needs. Attorneys work with specialists, including medical professionals and forensic experts, to document how motorcycle accident injuries will fully impact bike crash victims.

If a motorcycle accident in West Virginia leads to a person’s death, the victim’s surviving loved ones may choose to file a wrongful death claim against the party deemed to have been at fault in the accident. Compensation from a successfully litigated wrongful death claim may help to cover funeral costs, loss of income and consortium as well as a host of other financial damages recognized by applicable laws. Based upon a showing of negligence, a preponderance of the evidence is the necessary measure of proof to establish liability in these types of civil cases.

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