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Service to Community

Warner Law Offices credits its success to the integrity, strength of character and work ethic of its employees. Our employees, now centrally located in and around the Charleston area, originally hail from all across West Virginia. Their sense of pride and dedication to their home communities make the whole of West Virginia home to Warner Law Offices. These strong roots create a genuine concern for the well-being and success of people all across our great state. Warner Law Offices and its staff regularly dedicate their time and financial resources to charitable causes and community improvement projects throughout West Virginia. If you have a project or community event in which you would like for us to participate, give us call.

The Firm’s Focus

Booster Seats

A booster seat is a child safety seat designed for children who have outgrown toddler seats but are still not tall enough for safety belts. A booster seat raises a child up so the safety belt fits properly. All children under 8 years old should be placed in a booster seat, unless they are more than 4’9″ tall. To learn more about the booster seat law, click on the following link:

Warner Law Offices has spent thousands of dollars to help families comply with the legal and sensible requirement for parents to make sure that children in cars are secured in booster seats. Bobby decided to make this generous offer to families in need of financial help and that otherwise may not be able to meet the terms of the law. Children are important to Bobby Warner and the future of West Virginia.

Booster seats are still available for pick up at the Charleston office. If you need a booster seat, call Warner Law Offices today: toll free 866-344-4460 or 304-345-6789 . The booster seats must be picked up in person at the Charleston office. In order to obtain one, a release must be filled out, income verification is required, and a copy of the child’s birth certificate is also required.

Third-Party Bad Faith

As tort reform continues to be a highly debated topic, consumers must take a stand and protect their rights. The insurance companies want consumers to believe that caps on awards and tort reform produce lower insurance costs or rates. The truth is that no one benefits from the proposed legislation other than the insurance companies. The anticompetitive insurance business is largely unregulated and is seeking to further decrease its responsibility by pushing for the elimination of claims against them if they treat claimants unfairly. The insurance companies need to be held accountable under the Unfair Trade Practice law. The insurance companies are blatantly trying to manipulate the system and decrease West Virginia consumers’ access to the court system. Lobbyist, along with insurance companies, have been polluting the media with false information in an effort to confuse consumers and politicians on issues concerning the “medical malpractice” crisis, out-of-control juries and claims against the insurance companies for unfair trade practices. Don’t let the insurance companies fool you. Protect your rights as a consumer by contacting your legislature and voicing your opinion on tort reform and holding insurance companies accountable for their actions.

Promoting West Virginia

Warner Law Offices goal is to improve West Virginia by making it a safer and better place to live. Warner Law Offices wants to encourage people to remain in and come to West Virginia.

Great Outdoors

Those close to Bobby Warner, or those who have seen his ad about the great outdoors, know that he is passionate about fishing and hunting. He also feels it is important for families in West Virginia to take advantage of the state’s resources. There are several outdoor activities available in West Virginia and getting involved is a great way to spend time with your children. Warner Law Offices‘ ad promotes West Virginia’s natural resources and encourages families to build strong relationships through those resources. West Virginia is a great place to live, and Warner Law Offices wants people to stay in and come to West Virginia. Organizations are a wonderful way to become engaged in the great outdoors. The official website of Wild and Wonderful West Virginia State Parks and Forests is: www.wv

Check out these links to experience what our state has to offer: or

Bobby Warner belongs to or has been involved with associations and organizations in West Virginia. He is currently a board member of the West Virginia Bowhunters Association. To learn more about this association click the following link:

Bobby is a current member of the state Boy Scouts Council. This is a wonderful affiliation for boys. To find out about the Boy Scouts Council, go to:

Bobby was the former president of the National Wild Turkey Federation. If you are interested in this go to:

Beyond The Backyard

Bobby Warner launched a charitable youth foundation that is geared toward getting West Virginia children more involved in hunting, fishing and camping. Beyond The Backyard is an organization that will introduce kids to the outdoors through events that will be held across the state of West Virginia. The foundation was created by Warner in response to a troubling national trend that shows fewer children are participating in outdoor activities.

Membership for Beyond The Backyard is totally free. As a member, children will receive a quarterly newsletter, access to an interactive website and become eligible to participate in writing and art competitions where selected winners will have the opportunity to go on all-expense-paid hunting and fishing trips. The organization will hold seminars, conduct youth hunting and fishing outings, and work closely with parents to give them the tools needed to get their children involved in a multitude of outdoor pursuits.