Fast Food Restaurants Can Become Sites of Slip-and-Fall Accidents

 | May 1, 2015 | Personal Injury

A trip to a fast food restaurant may quickly lead to a trip to the hospital in West Virginia if a slip-and-fall accident takes place. Slip-and-fall accidents can easily occur if a restaurant fails to exercise a reasonable amount of care in keeping the property safe. One couple in an out-of-state case recently sued a McDonald’s establishment, as well as its operating company, in connection with an alleged fall at the restaurant.

According to the complaint, the couple went to the restaurant and made a purchase before leaving the premises. The wife then reportedly stepped in a slippery, wet substance on the stairs outside of the restaurant. As a result, she allegedly hit her head on a wall and fell down the stairs.

The woman said the fall caused her to suffer permanent damage to her right ankle, knees and legs, in addition to suffering other injuries. The couple said the restaurant was negligent because it did not maintain its stairway in a condition that was safe, dry and passable. They said the restaurant also did not appropriately inspect the premises for dangerous conditions and failed to warn customers about the hazardous conditions. McDonald’s is also accused of not promptly and adequately aiding the woman after she fell.

The woman said her fall resulted in huge economic losses, including medical treatment-related costs and loss of income. The couple also claimed that they cannot engage in the types of recreational and social activities they were able to do prior to the fall. They are seeking more than $75,000 in damages. Liability must be established to the satisfaction of the civil court before claims for damages will be decided in cases involving slip-and-fall accidents in West Virginia.

Source:, “Pa. couple file suit in Philadelphia over slip-and-fall at NYC McDonald’s“, Nicholas Malfitano, April 23, 2015


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