Broken Bones Aren’t Always Minor, Simple Injuries

 | Aug 17, 2020 | Car Accidents

When compared with other potential car crash injuries, broken bones might not seem that serious. After all, most people who experience fractures will recover completely (or nearly so) after the bone heals. 

Compare that to spinal cord injuries or a brain injury, and it may not seem like a very serious issue after a car crash. However, broken bones can impact someone for the rest of their life in certain circumstances and also lead to serious medical complications. What are some of the more serious outcomes that can result from a broken bone?

People May Suffer From Blood Loss or Severe Infections

A compound fracture breaks the skin, which is why people also call it an open fracture. Someone who suffers a broken bone that rips through muscle and skin could experience severe blood loss and an increased risk for infection. Still, a bone doesn’t have to exit your body to cause severe bleeding. Broken ribs could potentially puncture a lung or lead to abdominal bleeding.

Some People May Require Surgery or Medical Devices

Age and the severity of the fracture will influence what kind of treatment of patient needs. Some people can recover from a broken bone after a doctor sets it and they have adequate rest. Other people will require surgery or even the implantation of medical devices like metal rods in order to recover from a broken bone. 

The more intensive the medical interventions, the more expensive they will be in the longer recovery will likely be. It’s also possible that broken bones could lead to severe nerve conditions in some people, as well as the permanent loss of strength and range of motion in certain situations.

Those with serious injuries caused by someone else may have the right to compensation via insurance claims or a personal injury lawsuit, depending on the circumstances. 


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