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Car Accidents Archives

Car crash in West Virginia leads to 2 deaths, 1 injury

When people get injured in a vehicle accident, it is understandable for them and their family members to feel heartache and be confused about what could have caused the incident. A car crash can easily take place if someone is not abiding by traffic laws. One man unfortunately suffered injuries in a recent vehicle accident in West Virginia.

Car accident leads to injuries in West Virginia

Speeding on the road may seem exhilarating for a while, but if a person loses control of the vehicle, the consequences can be serious. For instance, a resulting accident can cause other motorists or passengers to suffer major injuries. One recent car accident involving three vehicles in West Virginia may have been the result of speeding, according to police.

Car wreck in West Virginia results in 2 injuries

It can be a shock to learn that one’s family members have just been involved in a vehicle accident. Learning that the car wreck was a head-on collision may spark even more panic in a person. This is because these kinds of accidents involve sudden impacts that can lead to critical injuries for any involved West Virginia residents.

West Virginia car accident results in 1 death, 2 injuries

A fatal crash that recently took place in our state happened as a result of a driver’s failure to stay in his own lane. Not maintaining one’s lane may be considered negligent driving and could lead to major injuries or death in West Virginia. This car accident occurred during the morning hours.

Man, wife files suit following injury car crash

Being injured in an accident can be life-altering, causing not only physical trauma but also emotional harm. A person may be even more worried if his or her child is injured in the car wreck as well. This is the situation that an individual is facing in West Virginia following a car crash. He and his wife recently decided to sue the party deemed responsible for the crash.

Woman files lawsuit after car wreck in West Virginia

If a person suffers injuries in a West Virginia car crash, the situation may traumatize the individual both emotionally and physically. The victim might be outraged if the accident stemmed from another driver's failure to abide by road rules. When there is confirmation that driver negligence was a causal factor in the car wreck, the victim may be reimbursed for monetary damages resulting from the accident, which can help him or her to move on.

Woman injured in West Virginia car accident

A seemingly normal drive can become a frightening trip if one mistake, such as the slip of a foot, takes place in West Virginia. Unfortunately, accidents do happen on our roads, and these crashes sometimes result in critical injuries. In cases where the person who is believed to have caused the car accident was driving negligently or recklessly, he or she may be held financially responsible for the injuries sustained in it.

Car accident causes 9 injuries, 1 death in West Virginia

On a Friday night, individuals in West Virginia may be looking forward to seeing a movie, eating out or engaging in some other form of entertainment. However, an unexpected car accident can thwart these plans and even lead to death if the impact is serious enough. A sudden accident killed one person in our state recently.

Car wreck can lead to death in West Virginia

A vehicle can cause serious damage on the road or even death if not operated correctly. When a fatal car wreck is the result of a driver's negligence in our state, the surviving family members of the deceased victim certainly may yearn for a sense of justice in such a situation. Monetary compensation can't restore the life of someone who was killed through no fault of his or her own in West Virginia, but it certainly can help to bring closure and at least some measure of justice.

Car accident results in injuries to 2 in West Virginia

A passenger in a vehicle literally trusts the car's driver with his or her life. After all, the passenger has no control over the speed or direction of the vehicle. If the driver is careless and/or loses control of the vehicle, the passenger is at risk for suffering critical injuries. Others in or near the roadway also may suffer injuries. One individual is in this situation following a major car accident in West Virginia.