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Posts tagged "traumatic brain injury"

New medication may help those with traumatic brain injury

People with brain injuries might feel disappointed that their injuries keep them from living the lives they used to enjoy in West Virginia. Brain injuries can impair a person's logic or lead to memory problems, and victims might even struggle with body movement control. One hospital in another state, however, is taking part in a new study designed to test one possible new treatment for traumatic brain injury.

Patients respond differently to traumatic brain injury

Just as West Virginia residents differ in their personalities and in their fingerprints, they also differ in how they respond to trauma. This prevents physicians from being able to predict the outcomes of patients who suffer from conditions such as a traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, brain damage can result in severe disabilities, such as cognitive impairment and epilepsy.

Traumatic brain injury may happen due to banging one's head

When people imagine suffering a brain injury, they often associate it with sports accidents or motor vehicle accidents, for instance. A traumatic brain injury typically happens when a person's head hits a hard object, such as the ground. The injury is often serious, and it can lead to problems such as bleeding, torn tissues and bruising of the brain in West Virginia.

Traumatic brain injury and anemia often happen simultaneously

One blow to the head can have an impact that, unfortunately, lasts a lifetime in West Virginia. This is because there currently is no cure for a brain injury. However, modern technologies may help to improve a traumatic brain injury victim's quality of life in the wake of such a massive injury.

Traumatic brain injury may be linked to dementia

Upon hearing that a loved one has suffered a brain injury in West Virginia, a person may naturally feel anxious. A traumatic brain injury can quickly disrupt a person’s life, from interfering with his or her ability to do normal activities to keeping the person from performing well in school or at work due to poor memory. A new study shows that the effects of brain injury can actually manifest much later in one's life as well, in the form of dementia.

Traumatic brain injury can lead to dementia, other mental issues

Getting kicked in the head isn’t just painful -- it can have long-term impacts that alter a person’s life. People might not be able to process information or perform basic activities like they used to prior to a traumatic brain injury. A concussion or other brain injury is an all too frequent result of an accident, whether from playing sports or being involved in a West Virginia motor vehicle collision.

Traumatic brain injury victims may benefit from brain training

Brain training has been found to help adolescents who suffer from brain injuries. Specifically, the training can boost their cognitive performance. This new finding can give hope to those in West Virginia who suffer from a traumatic brain injury that affects their ability to remember information.

Bounce house accident may lead to traumatic brain injury

Bounce houses are often popular attractions at birthday parties and other fun events for children. However, a child in West Virginia may start out enjoying his or her time in a bounce house, only to suffer a serious injury. One boy in another state recently suffered a traumatic brain injury and had to undergo surgery after getting hurt in one of these houses.

Traumatic brain injury can cause amnesia, memory problems

Some injuries are easy to spot because they are external. However, a person's brain injuries in West Virginia remain hidden until a symptom of the brain injury becomes noticeable to those around him or her, such as poor memory or moodiness. A traumatic brain injury can change one’s life in a negative way, and unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for it yet.

Traumatic brain injury can have emotional, physical effects

Traumatic brain injury results in a large number of disability and death cases each year throughout the United States, including in West Virginia. Researchers say that traumatic brain injury plays a role in about 33 percent of all deaths related to injuries in America. In addition, about three-fourths of these injuries are deemed to be types of mild brain injury or concussions.

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