Traumatic Brain Injury Victims May Benefit From Vacuum Pressure

 | Aug 10, 2014 | Brain Injuries

Individuals in West Virginia sometimes don’t really consider how huge a role the brain plays in their everyday lives. A traumatic brain injury can easily cause a person to experience emotional problems as well as physical issues, such as the ability to move a body part or speak well. A new study recently revealed that vacuum pressure may actually be helpful for limiting brain tissue damage following a brain injury.

Application of this type of pressure over the brain area that has been injured must be controlled, according to the experiment. When controlled, vacuum pressure shows promise in terms of being an effective and safe treatment for those with brain injuries. Still, the technique requires more development before it is able to be studied further in humans.

The recent research involved inducing localized brain injury in swine and then applying a vacuum over their injured brain areas. Scientists discovered that applying a certain amount of pressure for just three days resulted in a much smaller brain contusion area as well as reduced bleeding, compared with no pressure or a smaller amount of pressure. Those whose brains had been vacuumed-treated had brain scans that appeared more normal in appearance.

Traumatic brain injury can devastate a person’s life in West Virginia because it can lead to disability and death. In addition, treatment options for this type of injury are limited. A person whose brain was injured in a vehicle accident or in another event resulting from another individual’s negligent actions may file a liability claim, pursuing for the payment of monetary losses sustained.

Source:, “Study shows important benefits of applying vacuum pressure after brain injury“, , July 31, 2014


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