A Contusion Can Be More Serious Than It Seems

Brain Contusion diagram

How Bad are Brain Contusions?

When a person sustains a blow to the head, he/she can suffer a brain injury in different ways. A brain contusion is one such common type of brain injury, which is the bruising of the brain tissue. Bruising can occur when small blood vessels get crushed and bleed under the surface of the brain. A contusion can be minor or severe, and may result in heavy swelling or significant swelling. Generally, contusion is considered a more serious injury compared to a concussion, because it involves structural damage to the brain’s blood vessels. Proper diagnosis and timely treatment is needed to prevent any dangerous complications and to ensure that the contusion heals properly with causing any long-term damage.

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Effects of Brain Contusions

Brain contusions may have different effects and may lead to various complications. Some of the common symptoms of brain injuries include:

  • Communication challenges
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Sensory impairments
  • Problems in thinking, comprehension and concentration
  • Movement and coordination problems

Patients may also experience nausea and vomiting, headaches, loss of consciousness and even seizures. Severe contusions can lead to serious swelling and bleeding, which can cause a significant increase in intracranial pressure. This can cause damage to the delicate healthy brain tissue. Brain contusion can also lead to subdural hematomas and other serious complications that may result in a coma. When such complications occur, emergency surgical procedures are often required to drain excess blood from the brain cavity and to relieve pressure.

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Two types of brain contusions

The effect of a brain contusion on the physical and cognitive functioning of the individual depends on the location of the contusion. If the brain contusions exist in more than one area of the brain, the symptoms are more serious.

When a person suffers a blow to the head, the brain tissue may hit the inside of the skull, and a contusion may form. A contusion is common in frontal and temporal lobe areas of the bone, because these areas are under the skull with sharp bony ridges. The two most common types of brain contusions are:

Coup injuries: This happens when the bruise forms directly under the point where the head trauma occurred.

Contre-coup injuries: These injuries occur when the impact causes the brain to hit against the opposite side of the skull, causing a bruise to form on the opposite side.

Seeking Compensation for a Brain Contusion

A brain contusion can have severe and long lasting impact on the victim’s life. The road to recovery may be long and ridden with challenges. Not to mention the fact that treatment and therapy costs may run into thousands of dollars. If the brain contusion occurred as a result of a negligent party’s actions, they may be held liable, and made to pay damages. Contact out office to obtain a free review of your case.