Second Leading Cause of Brain Injury Is Car Accidents

Two vehicles collide and damage their rear

Many West Virginia drivers feel lucky to walk away from what could have been a serious or even deadly car accident. They may feel fine at first, but then realize that something is wrong. It is possible to suffer from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) without any outward signs of injury after a crash.

For instance, one woman involved in an accident back in 2011 had no physical indications that she was injured. When hospital personnel examined her, it was discovered she suffered a severe TBI. She still has trouble getting around and spent a significant amount of time learning how to walk and talk again.

The leading cause of a TBI is a fall, with car accidents coming in second. Even so, the percentage of deaths caused by TBI is higher in a collision than in a fall. A lot of news coverage and research has been focused on cumulative effects of concussions or contusions in athletes that can lead to debilitating brain injuries. That research could also help treat patients that received such an injury through a sudden and violent event such as a car accident.

The inner workings of the brain and how to repair damage done to it are ongoing topics of research. As new treatments are devised, more people could experience a complete, or almost complete, recovery from a TBI. However, those treatments could come with a hefty price tag. West Virginia residents that suffered a traumatic brain injury through the negligence of another retain the right to file a personal injury claim, seeking damages that could provide the financial means necessary to obtain the best chance at recovery possible.

Source:, Car crashes are second leading cause of traumatic brain injury, Lori Tucker, Feb. 4, 2014

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