Traumatic Brain Injury Can Affect West Virginia Resident’s Life

 | Mar 12, 2014 | Brain Injuries

The thought of having a brain injury is frightening. This is why some people in West Virginia, even if they don’t feel completely well following an accident, refuse to get diagnosed. They fear that a traumatic brain injury diagnosis will completely alter their lives in a negative way, but failure to get the necessary medical treatment after injuring one’s head can have long-term consequences.

A traumatic brain injury can have many negative effects, such as impaired social interactions and cognitive disabilities. In addition, people might have trouble speaking sentences or may slur their words. Some individuals actually struggle with sleepiness or comprehending auditory directions.

Not all people who struggle with these impairments have a traumatic brain injury, but some people with this type of injury do have these problems. The only way to know for sure whether one has injured his or her brain is to get checked out medically. People may immediately think that a brain injury will limit them in their daily functions. However, this disability can often be overcome if victims learn new strategies and skills for coping with the weaknesses caused by the brain injury.

Car accidents and falls are major causes of a traumatic brain injury. If an individual has suffered this type of injury due to another party’s carelessness, it is within his or her rights to file a negligence claim against the party believed to have caused the injury. A civil court in West Virginia will adjudicate financial damage claims if liability is established according to its satisfaction.

Source: Sun Journal, Traumatic brain injury: Knowing is half the battle, Thomas Brennan, March 10, 2014


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