Protect Your Rights After a Distracted Driving Car Accident

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Distracted driving is a problem that is continuing to threaten the safety of drivers everywhere, both in West Virginia and the rest of the country. Distracted driving is a phrase that is used to encompass any behavior that takes a driver’s attention from the road, including texting, talking on the phone and even eating while driving. When a driver is distracted, the chance for a car accident increases dramatically.

One of the main causes of distraction is technology. From smart phones with email and social media capability to GPS navigation included with many newer vehicles, there are many things to capture a driver’s attention. Even using a hands-free device is not safe, contrary to what many drivers believe.

Just one moment of distraction can result in detrimental consequences. People do not argue about the dangers of drinking and driving, but many do not realize that distracted drivers display some of the same behaviors as intoxicated drivers. Swerving, driving at erratic speeds and other dangerous behaviors are common signals of distracted driving. Like drunk driving, there is no excuse for distracted driving, and responsible parties may be liable for any damages suffered in an accident.

When a distracted driver causes a car accident, injured parties would be wise to seek a legal opinion regarding their legal options. A personal injury claim cannot undo the damage done, but compensation can help a person recover financial losses and move on after a serious accident. Every West Virginia accident victim has a right to a full and fair recovery, and an experienced lawyer can help protect these rights.

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