What Not to Say to an Insurance Adjuster

A finger pointing to insurance signpost

Insurance adjusters deal with millions of claims every year. They know what to look for and how they can bully injured individuals into receiving much less than they deserve. However, they often take what you say and try to minimize how much you may recover.

As always, we encourage you to hire a lawyer before you speak with an insurance adjuster. If you do speak with them, be sure to avoid some comments that can negatively impact your claim. Insurance adjusters heavily rely on your statements, and they’re quick to deny compensation because of them.

“I’m Sorry”

Apologizing after a crash is a quick way to have insurance adjusters deny your claim. Many insurance adjusters will consider your apology as an admission of fault, minimizing how much you can recover or denying your claim entirely.

“I Think…”

It’s vital to ensure you are confident with your statements. If you say you think something happened, the insurance company may take your uncertainty and challenge it. They may say that you forgot what happened in the accident and question the validity of your claim.

“I’m Not Hurt”

If you claim that you didn’t suffer an injury, any damage you claim later in the process can impact your claim. Injuries often have latency issues. You may not feel your injuries until days or weeks later. Let insurance adjusters know that you intend to see a doctor or speak with a lawyer first so that they can help you seek medical care and inform the insurance company on your behalf.

At Warner Law Offices, PLLC, we’re committed to your rights. It’s imperative to have legal counsel on your side whenever you suffer injuries in a car accident. When you choose our West Virginia car accident attorneys to help you, you’re getting more than 20 years of experience to get through the most challenging situations.